31 January 2008

Google Cats

It's time for everyone's favorite game, Google Cats!

I haven't posted about this in a while, but that does not mean I haven't been playing.

Today's searches, from top to bottom:

Dwight, page 23
Hubcap, page 16
Popsicle, page 2

30 January 2008

Check It: Jellio

It's true that it's not hard to make me happy. It's a pretty easy recipe if you know the ingredients. I'm a fan of baked goods & candy. I'm a fan of things that look like baked goods and candy. I'm also a fan of altering the scale of everyday objects. [Tiny carton of milk, giant eraser, etc]

The lovely Ms. Sarah brought JELLIO to my attention today. It's like this company went into my head and created things that I dream about:

giant cupcake seat
giant gummy bear lights
typographically attractive wall slider puzzle game

Jellio! Jellio, I love you. The only thing I don't love is the pricing of the items. $900 for a cupcake seat- that's a stab right in the heart. What toys with me even more is the button after the product description that says 'I Want One.' It's not that simple, Jellio. Don't lead me on.

Regardless, this is one of the coolest companies that I've come across in a while. I still love you, Jellio. I'm sorry I lashed out.

[P.S. Now that we're friends again, how about a free cake seat?]

25 January 2008

I love my family, Part II

Back in college I was involved in a stuffed animal napping. The target was a small monkey, he was napped, pictures were taken, and a fabulous time was had by all. I never really thought I would be involved in something like that again, but never say never.

A few weekends ago, I was at my brothers house. Conversation erupted about the things he has done to me thought the years. Most notably, on two occasions he turned everything in my room upside down: television, books, pictures- everything.

My brother was call while I was over and had to leave the house for about an hour. Once he left, it was time to play. The target was the basement- home to musical equipment and tools. I cannot possibly take full credit for this stunt, as three other wonderful participants aided me in what I am now referring to as 'the first offensive.'

The guys did all the heavy lifting and turned over the amplifiers, speakers, and other pieces of musical equipment. Sherry & I took care of some smaller things. Once we did that we turned out attention to two stuffed animals that live near the drum set: Kermit & Curious George. Kermit was gagged, tied up, and then hung from the ceiling. Poor George was also bound, his mouth was tapped, his head stuck in a vice, and some C clamps were placed on his feet. We rigged the lighting so that two spot lights shown on Kermit as he hung from the ceiling. This all may sound a bit extreme but you have to realize, I would come home as a child turn on my lights and see my favorite dolls strung from the ceiling fan. All in all, we did a really good job.

I can officially say that on two separate occasions I have bound a stuffed animal's hand behind his back with tape. Am I proud? I can't say, but check out the pictures.

22 January 2008

Desk Goat

I've been a busy gal these past few weeks. It was about a month of solid gypsy living- there were cats, dogs, and fish- good times. But for the moment, you should know that I have a desk goat.

[pictured above: desk goat]

18 January 2008

Avail, dank ham!

Because it's Friday. Because I'm tired and this makes me happy. Because I'm already playing with grammar by starting sentences with "because," I give you the Internet Anagram Server.

I anagramed by name, and it did not disappoint. Here are a few of my favorites. I added exclamation points because they read better this way:

Avail, dank ham!
Ha, mad lava link!
A naval ham kid!

If I get extra fancy and add my middle name in:
My ankh and vanilla!

Enjoy, and anagram your heart out.

16 January 2008

Check It: Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins is an artist you should know- he makes sculptures entirely out of sticky tape. If that wasn't cool enough, he does public installations with them so all can enjoy. I'm not even sure how he does this, or how much tape is involved, but I enjoy.

The giraffe is for you, Becky.

11 January 2008

How Not To Draw A Tiger.

I have to draw a running tiger as part of a company identity. This is one of those tasks that I know I can do, it's just a matter of how long it will take me and how ridiculous my failed attempts will be. This morning, I did my research which consisted of looking at pictures of tigers for an hour or so. Then I got to work.

I'm sharing my early 'tiger drafts,' because I think they're pretty funny. Don't you know how to draw, Amanda? Apparently, sometimes, I do not.

Attempt 1: Is that a greyhound? What is that? A monkey? Whatever it is, it's not a tiger. Try Again.

Attempt 2: What if I just use this running body and draw a new head? Something more 'cat like,' maybe with teeth? Nope, this doesn't work. This looks like an early cave painting. This is not a tiger. Possibly a rabid cougar?

Attempt 3: Scrap this, let's try another one. I could beef up the body some more? What if I angle the body? Oh, my goodness, what is this hybrid animal I have created? He's 'pouncier,' but he's not a tiger. Also, I think I only gave him three legs, and he has a hump.

Attempt 4: Scrap everything. Forget the creatures you made, start fresh. I like this tiger. I am proud of him. He needs stripes. Even though I'm a silhouette fan, I'm not sure if the client will be.

I will track the further progress of my tiger, and well as share the finalized version. In the meantime, this has been '"How Not To Draw A Tiger."

09 January 2008

High Five!

I've never been to a comedy club before, it never appealed to me. Saturday night, the ladies and I went to Comedy Sportz [I know...Sportz with a 'z'] and had a great time. Essentially, it's two teams of improvers competing against each other in a Whose Line Is It Anyway type of face off. Each round features a different type of improv game. There's even a brief intermission in case you need a bathroom break. All in all, good times.

As great as the show was, I'm more excited about what we saw on the way to the show. Two guys, crossing the street, obviously friends, as they parted ways- they high fived. Two twenty something males unabashedly high fiving in public? Hilarius. I feel that the high five, when done at the right time, cannot be topped. Of course, it should be used in moderation. No one wants to hang out with the person who high fives about everything. But there are just some occasions when nothing else will do.

A five fact for you, thank you Wikipedia:

The high five, although not known by that name, actually appeared as early as 1955, during the November 15, 1955 episode "The Eating Contest" of The Phil Silvers Show.

I love it! It's like randomly in 1955, some writers were sitting in a room and had to come up with a new way to demonstrate satisfaction.
I think it went something like this: They could shake hands? No, that's been done before. Smack elbows? No, too awkward. What if they raised their hands and slapped them together? That's it, that just might work! Then a bunch of writers proceed to test out this new gesture.

Pictured Above: A sweet AppleJacks high five.

07 January 2008

Rooster Tea?

It was a very busy weekend. I will have to post again later with comedy tales from Saturday, but for now I want to share my new teapot. I already love Target, they didn't have to try to impress me. I didn't just get any teapot from Target. I got a rooster teapot. It's not ridiculously over-the-top rooster, but it's pretty sweet. I'd share more, but I'm just about falling asleep at my desk. It just took me three attempts to spell desk correctly. I'll post more when I'm coherent again.

03 January 2008

I Love My Family.

My brother recently made snow art.

2008 in Music

Music Forecast

It's 2008, what? That's ridiculous. To calm my nerves a bit, I'm thinking about the new albums that are due in 2008. A lot of big names are putting out new music, and I'm pumped. Here's the rundown of what I know:

Panic At The Disco:
These guys put out a fun first album, and are claiming that their upcoming has a 'more mature sound' and will be geared more toward playing live music rather than studio tricks and sarcastic lyrics. I just hope that with changing their sound, they don't end up sounding like every other band and get lost in the shuffle. Regardless, I'm anxious to here their new album. It's out in March.

Coldplay: The new album is titled Prospekt. I'm excited just because it's Coldplay. It's been three years since X & Y came out, and I'm curious to know if they've changed their sound at all. They put on amazing shows, so if anything this will give me another chance to see them live again.

The B-52's:
Really? How many years ago was 'Love Shack'? How old are these guys? Should they even be attempting this? The new album is titled Funplex, and is set for release February 26th. Oh my.

Oasis: I'm so excited to have more music from these guys. Their last album Don't Believe The Truth was pretty great. I just hope the feuding Gallagher brothers can keep it together long enough to go on tour. The currently untitiled seventh studio album is due out this summer.

Weezer is rumored to have a new CD coming out late in '08. Honestly, if it sounds anything like Make Believe, they should just work on it a little longer. I want to say that anything they put out would be better than Make Believe, but who knows what could happen. I'm scared, Rivers.

Ludo: Love Me Dead was supposed to be released quite a while ago. The CD release is now set for late February. Through their shows, I've heard about half the album. I want to hear it in it's entirety. I also am looking forward to being able to listen to certain songs whenever I want, instead of wating to see them at a show. Bring it on, boys.

Death Cab for Cutie:
Nice! With each album they've gotten better, I can't wait. The new album is due out in May, and when Mr. Gibbard & company come to town I will be there!

In case you were wondering, what happened to Dido- March 4th, she's out with her third studio album.

No Doubt: Fall of '08. New No Doubt! Oh my goodness, I'm giddy. Gwen has been off doing her solo thing for a few years now. This begs the question, what is this going to sound like? Are they going to pick up where Rock Steady left off? I doubt it, but whatever it is I predict awesome.


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