26 March 2008

All Things Cupcake

All Things Cupcake

I have hit the mother load. The frosted, sugary, sprinkled mother load.

Words don't do me much good, just explore the site for yourself.

25 March 2008

Pretty. Odd. Pretty. Interesting.

I was looking forward to the new Panic at the Disco. They went back the the studio, dropped the exclamation point at the end of the name and claimed to come out with a different sounding album. Different, yes indeed. Bad, no. If you go into this album expecting another, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out you're going to be disappointed. Bands evolve and experiment. They change their sound, that's what makes music interesting.

I suppos I'm biased to this album because of it's Beatles undertones. Panic didn't ditch their old sound, but they infused it with mass amounts of '60s rock. The first time I heard 'Nine in the Afternoon' I thought of 'Eleanor Rigby.' 'We're So Starving' reminds me of 'Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds.' 'She had the World' even reminds me of 'Piggies.' But that isn't to say that this album is an outright copycat. In that case I would cry foul. You can't copy the Beatles, but you can be influenced by them. Some critics are calling this a wreck, some are calling it amazing. I will say there are going to be a lot of confused and disappointed 15-year olds. Too bad kiddies, go get your dance music somewhere else. I am loving Pretty. Odd.

Check It: Letter Ice

It's no secret I like letters and things shaped like letters. I am very excited about this find. Since Letter Ice* uses silicone, not only can you freeze things, but you can bake too. As the website claims, you can make Ice, Jell-O, Butter, Chocolate, Short Bread Cookies, Muffins, etc. The alphabetic possibilities are endless. If this catches on, I wouldn't be surprised if they offered different fonts to appease nerds such as myself. The serifs might pose problems and break off, so not all fonts would work, but I would still like to have some more options. I haven't actually seen these in a store yet, but if I do you can trust me to make the right decision.

*Please forgive the website for being in Comic Sans. No one is perfect.

20 March 2008

Won't You Be My Stylish Neighbor?

It's National Sweater Day! Mr. Rogers would have been eighty years old today. In honor of him, it's National Sweater Day. If there is one thing I like, it's a good cardigan. I was a faithful Mr. Rogers Neighborhood watcher, and while I loved the trolley, Mr. McFeely and the whole gang my favorite part of the show was when Mr. Rogers picked out his sweater for the day. The sweater set the tone for the whole show, and it was my game to guess what color he was going to wear. Green usually meant he was going out somewhere, blue meant company was coming over, and you knew it was going to be a crazy show if he broke out the mustard yellow cardigan.

In honor of the day, I thought I'd share a few great cardigans from Anthropologie.

Best day ever.

18 March 2008

I got papered, Part Two

I am very pleased to make this update.

This morning, I spotted the homeless man again who papered my car. He was crossing the same street, at the same intersection. No, this time he did not have a paper in his hand, my friends. I can only be thankful that he didn't throw his new item at me. He had a sink.

He was carrying a sink and resting it on his head as he crossed the street. It was resting on his head like a hat. It was raining, so perhaps he was using it for protection. If that's the case, he wasn't so much carrying the sink as he was wearing the sink. It wasn't even a small sink, it was a double sink. So while he wore the front half, the back dangled. Sort of like a coonskin cap, but replace the coon part with a sink.

I couldn't get to my camera fast enough to get a picture of him, and I will always regret that. It amazes me how he took forever to cross the street with just a newspaper in his hand, but he managed to move like a threatened gazelle with a sink. In time, I may draw this for you, because while you are forming visuals in your head it's only going to get better with illustrations.

See: I got papered, Part One

17 March 2008

It feels like a Google Cats day.

fence: page 33
fancy: page 1
soy: page 31

I like that both the "fence" and "soy" shots are not straight on images of cats. I also appreciate that "fancy" gets you a cat on the first page. Not sure what that means, but I like it.

14 March 2008

Check It: Etsy Love

I am all to obsessed with Etsy lately. The upcoming move has me pouring through Etsy for interesting items.
Here are a of my favorite finds, clockwise:

Polaroid Print from Clack
Vintage Canisters from Hello Cupcakes
Bird Decals from Elephannie
Glass Mugs from deadbirdfinds

12 March 2008

Pirate dogs need insurance too.

This beautiful billboard recently went up, and I get to pass it every day as I go to work.
I'm not a marketing expert, but let's discuss:
woman + dog = acceptable ad
woman in eye patch + dog = awkward, yet potentially acceptable ad
woman in eye patch + dog in eye patch = hilarious disaster of an ad
As a consumer how am I supposed to take this ad seriously? I get the tag, "Auto insurance that doesn't cost an eye." Yes, yes pseudo-clever visual play on words, but does that mean we have to be so literal? I love that the woman is respectably dressed. You know, to class the ad up a bit. The dog seems happy, no need to get PETA involved, but still. I ask why. Ads are supposed to makes the audience think, take action, and inspire trust in a company. This ad does make me think, but not so much about auto insurance. I think about how much billboards cost, and how this company decided to spend their design budget on a pirate dog.

I got papered.

This morning, I was on Damen and had a green light. A homeless man decided to take his sweet, sweet time and mosey across four lanes of traffic. Naturally, I beeped at him. I don't like starting my day off by hitting people with my car. The man looked at me but just kept crossing the street. I slowed down and beeped some more. He stopped in the middle of the street, gave me the dirtiest look I have ever received, and threw the newspaper in his hand at my car. The paper flew through the air like an angry, homeless extension of his body and hit my windshield. It stuck to the windshield and I had to use my wipers to get it off. The paper came off, and as I drove away I heard him yelling at me.

Wow, dude was mad that I beeped at him. It was like a scene out of a movie. If you're driving northbound on Damen, watch out. Don't get papered.

06 March 2008

Say what?

I have the habit of leaving post its everywhere. If something comes to mind, I jot it down. I do this even more at work. When I'm on the phone and have to take a quick note about something, I grab a post it. In theory, this is a perfectly good practice. However, I don't always take extensive notes, and more often than not, I am left with bits of information that make no sense to me in a week. Classic example, the above post it.
I got back from vacation, found this, and have not the slightest clue as to its meaning. I can deal with the number amount. That may correlate to a bill or a bank account. The next two items trouble me. Libia? Like the country? But that's Lybia. No Rabbits? I don't even know where to begin with that one. I asked my coworkers as to the meaning of this, and they have no suggestions. That is my handwriting, that much I am sure of. The rest is doomed to haunt me until I figure it out.


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