29 April 2008

First Business Card

In third grade I had to create my own business for a class project. I chose to create "Amanda's Ice-Cream Parlor." Apparently, I thought ice-cream was hyphenated.

I don't remember a lot about this project, but I recently came across the business card I designed for it. At eight years of age, being a designer was not on my list or career options. I didn't even know it was an option. I was more interested in being a vet, a beautician or someone who made crayons. But for third grade, I think I did well. The project called for the official business name, but I made a card. Check out the use of white space- that's right.

If you check out the bottom-right corner, at one point it said 1-800-Cable Me. I was funny, but not so good with an eraser.

Free Coldplay

Following in the steps of Radiohead, Coldplay is now giving their music away for free. To get a copy of their new single, Violet Hill, visit their site, fill out a form and you will be sent downloading instructions. My copy is on its way.

They're also playing a free show in NY in June. Roadtrip!

25 April 2008

Check It: John Pour Home

John Pour Home

Love these rugs.
They're made of felt and hand cut. So if you don't want to shell out the dough for a one, just get yourself a giant piece of felt and start cutting.

23 April 2008

Do NOT Feed the Pig

I had a piggy bank when I was little. He was pink, cute and held my money. I liked him. Never once did I wish he was real. I don't like the idea of putting my money in a real pig. I like the idea of putting my money in a man-pig hybrid even less.

The man-pig that has been haunting my dreams is the mascot of a national public service campaign from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He is supposed to incourage me to save my pennies to save for my future. Instead, he encourages me to cry.
The Feed the Pig site gives him the name of Benjamin Bankes. I don't care what you call him. He is creepy. He's not quite a pig and not quite a human, but he wears a suit? And I am supposed to put my money in his pig-like-head? I don't even want to think about how I get it out.

I am all for putting a face to financial literacy, but this is not the face.
A word of warning, if you visit his site, he oinks at you.

17 April 2008

Pork & Beans

Oh, Mr. Cuomo. Where do I begin?

I love Weezer. I feel like we've been through a lot together. The amazing blue album, the controversial Pinkerton, the followup green album... and then the two albums that I don't like to talk about. I've stuck with them though.

June 24th is the set day for the release of their sixth studio album. Rumor is it's another color themed album, rumor is it's red. This makes happy. The writing on the last two albums was not up to par. When I heard that there was going to be another album, I got scared. Come on Rivers, you've grown. You finally graduated from Harvard, you got married, you really are great. I've heard the new single, and I am pleased. It's called Pork & Beans. Yes, that's an automatic bias for me, but aside from the name I really like it. It takes me bad to the blue album days, and I am dying to hear the rest of the album. I feel like this the start of something. Only time will tell.

Go to the Weezer site & check out Pork and Beans for yourself.
And for an extra Rivers fix, check out Alone- The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo.

15 April 2008

The Rather Difficult Font Game

Nerd game!

Want to test your font identification knowledge, or just prove that you're a nerd? Take a few minutes and play The Rather Difficult Font Game. If you're familiar with your fonts it's not entirely difficult. You can do lot of process of elimination guessing. A word of warning, load time can be a bit a little slow at times. Apparently, the the nerds like this game.

14 April 2008

Check It: Three Potato Four

Three Potato Four is a great online shop run by a husband and wife team originally from New York. They now reside in Virgina, and sell a mix of modern and vintage items. They get my props for finding all the items in their shop. How do you even find a vintage Lollipop crate? Oh, but they did.

I picked a few oof my favorites out, but check the site four yourself.
1940's Fully Reconditioned Telephone
Lollipop Wood Crate
Ceramic Pigeon Vase
Food Tote
Small Bird Tray
"Exercise" Writing Journals

08 April 2008

Check It: Breakfast Bag

It's breakfast. It's a bag. It's my new breakfast bag.

This may be the definition of an impulse buy, but I regret nothing. I don't quite know the occasion to sport this yet, but I am very happy. Got to love Target.

07 April 2008

Lollapalooza Line Up

Not only was today the Sox home opener, but the line up for Lollapalooza was announced this morning. I got in my car, turned the radio to XRT, and prepared myself for sensory overload. The man himself, Perry Ferrell, founder of Lollapalooza announced the line up. I heard all the early rumors- Radiohead, NIN, Miley Cyrus? It was time for confirmation.

Radiohead will indeed be a headliner. Amazing. Thome Yorke is finally coming back to Chicago.
Some of the other headliners aren't my cup of tea, but Wilco and The Raconteurs- sweet.

I may be the most excited about The Weakerthans. I have loved them for years, and have never once seen them live. They put out a few amazing albums, went MIA for a bit, toured only in Canada for while, but then decided to play Chicago while I was out of town. Not this time boys, I won't miss you again.

Ha Ha Tonka is coming too. Since I can't have Ludo two years in a row, their friends from St. Louis will suffice nicely. I hear they put on a great show. I hope they bring Heman, their one-eyed dog.

Other confirmed Lollapalooza acts I plan on checking out:
Bloc Party
Cat Power
Mates of State
Rogue Wave
The Postelles

The Ting Tings

As it gets closer to August 1st more acts will get announced. Until then, I'm going to speculate away, and prepare myself just incase Miley Cyrus shows up.

Check out the official lineup for yourself. While you're at the site, check out the artist discovery section. You'll get a brief bio and sampling of songs from each band in the line up. Nice.

04 April 2008

Surprise! It's Food.

What are two things everyone loves? Surprises and food, so why not combine them?

Light night conversation either ends in brilliance or madness. I was catching up with Jennifer last night and at some point we found out selves in the middle of an almost business venture. After catching up and feeling old, the conversation stumbled into the above statement. We thought about it for a while and built on our idea. We came up with "Surprise! It's Food" products. The concept is simple. All Surprise! foods are categorized: meats, vegetable, frozen, soup, etc. All products are labeled with a category of food, but nothing more. So if you want a vegetable to go with dinner, you pick up a Surprise! can, but you don't quite know what it contains until you open the can. Under the lid you'll read "Surprise! It's carrots." Maybe you really wanted carrots, maybe you didn't. That's the fun and gamble of Surprise! It's Food products.

It seemed like a really good idea last night. I'm sorry.

FYI: Friday, MAY 9th- Ludo's network TV debut on Jimmy Kimmell

01 April 2008

They have an airplane?

Prior to Saturday night, I had never been to Lewis University. I had neither the desire, nor the need. But with missing the last Ludo show at the Metro, the ladies and I were willing to trek it out to Romeoville. We drove up and spotted a Lewis University airplane. Why does a college need an airplane? You're in Romeoville, what possible emergency could you incur? I still haven't figured this one out.

Upon entering the actual field house we were greeted by the ever present smell of tires and feeling like we were at a high school dance. Last Fast Action opened, which was a surprise, we weren't aware there were two opening bands. Again, false website knowledge. Despite getting tired of being told to continuously jump and clap as we had never jumped and clapped before, they put on a good show. Then the boys went on and rocked in a way that only Ludo does. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to hear anything new, I was hoping for 'Space' or 'Such As It Ends.' I didn't get those, but they did close with 'Epic' by Faith No More. They always close with 'Epic,' but this was honestly the best I've heard it.

After they played we went back to merch to socialize, and socialize we did. We talked it up with a member of Last Fast Action who, despite his confession of having tiny girl hands, was genuinely nice & very funny. We had some photo ops with Ludo, more conversating, more fun. Fun that left us smiling for days. Apparently, Romeovillle brings the rock? Who knew.

Pictured Above:
Vest twinsies
"There's hope in my eyes"

Side note: Jellybeans + yogurt= amazing.


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