30 May 2008

Mystery of the Lobster Sweater

It's a Friday mystery!
This image has been making it's rounds on the Internet. DoctorKnit posted this "lobster sweater" to her flicker photostream. The questions are overflowing on this one. What does this mean? Do people really knit sweaters for their pet lobsters? People have pet lobsters? Yes, it's chilly and damp on the East coast sometimes, but is this necessary? How do you get a sweater on a lobster? All that aside, it is kind of cute.

28 May 2008

Soy Wallets

Jen sent me this link a while back, and I forgot all about it.

Soy Wallets sells wallets made out of cartons of soy milk for $7. More interesting to me are the do it yourself instructions that take you through the step by step process. I haven't tried this out yet, but I plan on it.

Just thinking this one through, whether you use a carton from soy milk, or regular milk- rinse that sucker out. No one wants sour smelling money.

26 May 2008

Square Roundup

Since I had so much fun doing the circle roundup, I figure let's keep this thing going.
One good shape roundup deserves another.

Squares Wall Application
Moleskine Large Squared Notebook
Be Square T at Threadless
Square Leather Satchel
Sterling Silver Squares Necklace

With circle and square done, it's only to get harder from here.

Cutest Family Ever

Memorial Day weekend was a success. The Panic show extravaganza was a blast, there was a lazy pool day with grilling & margaritas, and two family members met for the first time. I give you Tyler meets Roscoe. There was a lot of barking, some chasing, and bucket loads of cute.

23 May 2008

Circle Roundup

I like circles. These things have circles. It's Friday, and that's what I'm going with.

Hable Construction Spiral Top Notepads
Floating Point Print from Green Chair Press
Concentric Dots Table at Urban Outfitters
Bubble Placemat at Greener Grass Design
Full Moon Necklace from Nervous System
Hi Folded Notecards from Number 5 Greetings

Non-circle related music news:
Tonight it is the Hush Sound, Motion City Soundtrack, Phantom Planet, Panic at the Disco Show at the Congress. With that line up, it's going to be a ridiculous amount of fun.
Can wait till June 17th for the new Coldplay album? If you've already got your free Coldplay download, check out Viva La Vida. It's available on itunes now and it's awesome.
Can't wait till June 3rd for the new Weezer album? Tired of listening to Pork n' Beans off their website? Check out Troublemake on itunes. Again, very awesome.

21 May 2008

Rubberband Ball

I started a rubberband ball at work. No one else was using the rubber bands, and they seem much more fun this way. Currently, it's about the size of a lime. I am aiming for lemon by end of week. I look forward to orange, cantaloupe and maybe, just maybe, watermelon. A girl can dream.

Milk Bottle Type

Who knew milk bottles could look this good?

Check out this collection of milk bottles & sweet typography. Makes me want a brownie.

19 May 2008

Hello Kitty Wedding Dress?

I love Etsy, it's no secret. But to prove that not everything from Etsy is amazing, I give you the Hello Kitty wedding dress. There are actually two, both simply atrocious. Who in their right mind would pay $4,000 for this hot mess?

The Ampersand

A blog all about Ampersands! I'm just ashamed I didn't do it first.

Check out The Ampersand.

15 May 2008

Check It: Stacked Cup

Oooo. It's not three cups. It's three cups in one. This stacked cup is available at Fred Flare for $14.00. I'm not really sure how easy it would be to drink out of, what with all the handles and all. Regardless, it's fun and I want one.

14 May 2008

Lloyd Schermer- Type Block Sculptures

I came across these about a month ago. I am still amazed by this guy. His principle is fairly simple, but the result is gorgeous.
Not only do these look great, the concept of taking something that's virtually become obsolete and finding a new use for it- awesome. Very few people use printers blocks any more, but historically and aesthetically they've got value. If I had hundreds of wood and metal printing blocks lying around- I'd try the same thing. I've got two, so I can stack them, but that's about it.

Check out his sculptures & monotypes.

13 May 2008

Pessimism Never Sounded So Good

Death Cab for Cutie released their new album Narrow Stairs today. It's been three long years since Plans, and I have high expectations. So far, they're been met. Narrow Stairs isn't another Plans- it's darker, rockier if you will. There are some harder drums and electric guitars present that you might not normally associate with the band- but they aren't overpowering and they really work. The opening track 'Bixby Canyon Bridge' is already a standout for me. It slowly builds and knocks you out by the end.

While this album may sound different than Plans, it's really cohesive. Bands sometimes put out CDs that sound like a bunch of different songs thrown together. They may all be good songs, but they don't relate to one another. Then there are albums that, from start to finish, just seem to flow. They have a beginning and an end. It's not really a matter of wanting to hear a particular song. The whole album is great, and you've got to listen to it in it's entirety. I have a feeling Narrow Stairs is going to do that for me.

09 May 2008

Ludo Kimmel!

Ludo is making their late night TV debut this evening on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. If you aren't out glavanting tonight, check the boys out. Other Kimmel guest tonight include Kelsey Grammer and Mr. Jeopardy himself, Alex Trebek! Nice.

08 May 2008

Check It: Snow & Graham

Snow & Graham is a Chicago papery that offers a pretty wide array of gift wrap, cards, and notebooks. I am currently obsessing over their coaster invites. Love them. Great colors, simple and clever, a hint of retro- oh, did I mention it's all letterpressed?

Their actual site is under construction, but you can purchase their items on several online stores incluring Greer Chicago & Luxe Paperie.

07 May 2008


Monday night the ladies and I headed over to the House of Blues to catch Rooney. I will admit, that I learned about Rooney from the OC. I'm a little ashamed about that, but they are more than just those guys who played on the OC.

For those of you who don't know, the lead singer of Rooney is Robert Schwartzman, brother of actor Jason Schwartzman, nephew of Francis Ford Coppol and cousin to Nicolas Cage. Aside from the Nicolas Cage part, that's a pretty sweet family. The band doesn't rely on the Schwartzman name when is comes to the music, they actully are a really great band. Overall the set was good- a decent mix of old and new music. What caught my ear were the covers they played. In total, Rooney did three covers: Del Shannon's Runaway, The Band's The Weight and Billy Joel's Movin' Out. On the music spectrum, those are three pretty diverse songs- but they delivered all three. The band seems to have a very chill west coast attitude, but they know how to have a good time. We danced, we sang, we ogled the band members- good times.

The only downside to the evening was feeling really old. One of the opening bands, Locksley, was made up of pretty young guys. In an attempt to pump up the audience for the next songs, they asked they crowd, "Is anybody out there seventeen?" Ugh. I looked down at my over twenty-one and over wrist band and shuddered a little. It worked out though, the kids who were there for Locksley either left or went to the back of the venue, moving my friends and I that much closer to Rooney. Sweet deal, thanks, kids!

06 May 2008

I'm an aunt?

This ridiculously cute sleeping puppy belongs to my brother & sister-in-law.
He has yet to be named, but with a mug like that it doesn't matter.
He is a nine week old smooth haired Wheaton Terrier. I'm a dog person and I had never heard of that particular breed. He reminds me of a mix between Benji & The Shaggy Dog. Regardless, I suppose he is the newest client of watch it.

Google Cats: Jiffy Pop

Page 26
Jiffy Pop. Really?

05 May 2008

Check It: New blueye site

I am super excited to announce that blueye has a new website. With a May mention in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Top Ten Most Dependable Web Designers in the Midwest, things are pretty exciting around here. To keep the momentum going and to spruce ourselves up we have a new site. I am loving the portfolio, the type and all the imagery. It went live one Friday evening, and we are still working out a few kinks in different web browsers, but overall I think it's great.

In other exciting work news, we have a couch. I know, new website, magazine mention- great things. But a couch? Now we're talking. To check out the new couch, take a look at the blueye blog.


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