20 June 2008

Uppercase Scarf

Love it. This little beauty is available through Little Factory for $52.00.
Lowercase and number scarfs are also available.

19 June 2008


In other completely trivial information:

I'll admit it, I like some reality television. Anytime someone gets booted off, voted off, doesn't receive a rose or what have you, there is always a montage of that person's stay. I love the montage.

I think real life could take a note here from television When I leave a position, or complete something, I want a montage. I want a screen to pop up and show highlights of my journey set to a mediocre top forty song. How great would that be? You graduate, you leave a job, you eat all of your vegetables- you get a montage.

Of course, this poses the issue of footage. Camera men constantly following you around every day might not be all that fun. I have to work out the kinks, but I think I've got something here.

Extra Hugs

Nothing quite makes me happy like candy, and check out this Hug! Someone was taking a nap in quality assurance the day this puppy went out.

13 June 2008

Lesson Learned

This morning I made coffee, but felt the need to add something special. Hey, it's Friday! The morning it going good so far, let's experiment. Experiment was a fail.

I looked around the kitchen for something to go into the coffee. Creamer? Sugar? Too normal. Oooh, peppermint sticks covered in chocolate? In theory, this was a great idea. I love peppermint mochas, why hadn't this occurred to me before? I stuck the peppermint stick in, watched it melt and tried the coffee. Not bad, I was proud of myself. After about five minutes, the coffee stared to cool and things happened. The peppermint started to separate from the coffee and created little deposits on top of the coffee. Ew. I didn't want to drink it anymore, so I let it sit . As time went on the deposits got bigger and started to solidify. Ew. Ew. I walked away from the coffee, got ready for work, but took a last look before I walked out the door. A full on peppermint skin formed atop the coffee. Eeeew.

Lesson Learned: They make peppermint syrup for a reason, use it.

11 June 2008

Work Etiquete Dot Com

Leave it to the UK to give me an Office Etiquette site.

WorkEtiquette.com covers everything you need to know for the office:
  • How to Apologize Gracefully
  • How to Act at an Office Party
  • Office Attire
And my personal favorite: Eating Etiquette At Work

I quote:
No Smelly Stuff:
Don’t bring food into work to eat at your desk that gives off a pungent smell...You might think they smell and taste delicious but your colleagues sitting close to you may hold a totally opposite view, at least in the workplace.


Girliest blog ever.

I'll post about warfare and guns tomorrow, whatever. For now I'm going to gush over Betsy Johnson shoes. Bows, polka dots, ribbon- they look like toys.

I found them off like.com. It's actually a pretty great site. If you're a visual person, you can search things like shoes, bags and jewlery- but then refine your seach by color, features and style. If your a girl, you'll like like.com.

10 June 2008

Random Fact: Tooth Mouse

Today, you get a random fact:
The Mexican version of the Tooth Fairy is known as the Tooth Mouse, which takes the tooth and leaves treasures in its place. [via amusingfacts.com]

How creepy is that? A mouse that steals your teeth.

09 June 2008

Annoyance Roundup

Today, instead of covering things I like, let's go in a different direction. Things that currently annoy me to no end.

Garbage Smell
I've chronicled the fish smells of my office before. Today, I walked into a whole new odorfest. The same individual who was responsible for the tuna smell, left their leftover broccoli in the garbage all weekend. It was a very warm and humid weekend here in Chicago. Hmm... warm weekend and left out food. Let's do that math: Two whole days of warmth + a pile of broccoli in the trash = olfactory suicide.

'Heart Songs' by Weezer
On a whole, I sing the praises of the new album. But if we want to get specific, track number four titled Heart Songs, is horrible. It's not so much a song as a journal entry. Rivers chronicles his musical influences in a very lame way. It's just a list of bands, a who's who accorcing to him. Nirvana's Nevermind was influential to you, Rivers, Really? Guess what? It was to everyone else too! I just expect more from them.

Chicago's lack of seasons
It's spring, or so I am told. We had snow in May, now we've had nothing but storms. Spring no longer exists. It's stormy and humid all the time. This is like swamp weather , just less alligators.

05 June 2008


What is better that giant legos? Furniture built using giant legos! LunaBlocks are giant lego-like blocks for adults. They are fully functional and you can build with them. They only downside is the price. Each block ranges from $20-60, so unless you've got loads extra cash, you might not want to built any lifesize castles.

04 June 2008

Weezer- Red Album

Despite the album being leaked on the Internet a while back, the new Weezer album was officially released yesterday.

It explores some new territory for Weezer, most noticeably Rivers Cuomo doesn't sing lead on all the songs. It's strange hearing someone else sing lead. For any Weezer fan, Cuomo's voice is instantly recognizable, almost iconic. So to introduce not just one new singer, but three, takes some getting used to. It's not a bad thing, it showcases the talent of all the band members quite well. But I can't help laugh a little, it's like a bandwagon they all jumped on. "Well, I'm going to sing a song on the new album, do you want to? Come on, it'll be fun. Let's all do it!" Like it was peer pressure. Regardless, the final product is good. I'm just surprised it took them five albums to go for it.

As for the songs, 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived' is new territory for them. It's anthemic, and has got some crazy Cuomo falsettos, and he kind of raps- what? You can really see where the band has grown on a song like Dreamin'. It could have easily have ended and the two and a half minute mark, and been just another "nice, catchy" song. But it stretches out to five minutes and, in that time, really rocks out. 'The Angle and the One' is just plain pretty and reminds me of a grown up version of 'Only in Dreams.' As always, the lyrics are ripe with irony especially in 'TroubleMaker.'

I haven't had much time with the new album yet, but I'm happy. Let's face it, Make Believe wasn't that good. If it made you give up on the band, give the Red album a try.

02 June 2008

01 June 2008

It grows.

I've gone though one pack of rubberbands so far and have started on a second. The second pack is colored, for added rubberband ball fun. It's grown about a half an inch in a week and a half. When I leave for the day, I store the ball in my drawer at work. I plan to keep working on the ball till I can no longer fit it in a drawer.


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