29 August 2008

Friday Count Down

39 days till the new Oasis CD comes out
32 days till I move
34 days till Beck plays at the Aragon
21 days till I DJ the football game at my old high school
15 days till the Renegade Craft Fair
7.5 hours till my long weekend starts
3 hours till lunch
10 minutes till I get more coffee

26 August 2008

Check It: Urban Outfitters Home Goods

The pending move has me going to my favorite stores and passing up the clothes for home goods. As of late, Urban Outfitters home goods have caught my eye. How fun are these?

With the alphabet & bakery trends out right now, my place could easily turn into Sesame Street meets Martha Stewart. I haven't decided if this is frightening or brilliant.

Enamel Alphabet
Cupcake Tealights
Graphic Double Hook
Cupcake Cookie Jar
Xenia Taler Wall Art
Grassy Toothbrush Holder

Ampersand Shirt

Check out this shirt from Turn Nocturnal. Ooooo. Garamond Italic? Double Ooooo.

21 August 2008

Hello, Chicago.

It's been about a week since I've posted anything. I've been somewhat preoccupied- preoccupied with amazing things. Yesterday, I officially signed the lease for my new apartment. Yes, I know. It's ridiculously exciting. After a few rocky moments with the parentals, things are mellowing out and everyone is starting to get excited.

As of October 1st, I say goodbye to the Southwest Suburbs and hello to Chicago. More specifically, I say hello to Logan Square. It took everything in my power, not to title this post 'It's Hip To Be Square.' I know...

If you got sick of consecutive Lollapalooza posts, I warn you now of all the moving posts that will soon come. There will be many, but it's going to be fun. I promise.

14 August 2008

Check It: Great Big Stuff

Great Big Stuff! Sarah found this. It brings me joy, great big joy!

For all your great big needs, including:
Giant Scissors
Giant Corn Cob
Giant Name Tags

While you're there, check out the video section. Don't miss the "Is It Big" videos. Priceless.

12 August 2008

Bonjour Mon Coussin

I wish I would have paid better attention in French class. Then I might know how to order these sweet pillows from Bonjour mon coussin (loosely translated: Hello, my cushion). The whole site is in French, but you should be able to muddle your way through it. Just click the links and explore, nothing bad will happen. I promise. They have and amazing collection of pillows. I'm particularly fond of the type (caracteres) and sweet (miam) themed pillows.

Pricing is in euros, plus you get the ridiculous overseas shipping cost. If you can find great fabric, pillows are about the easiest thing to make. However, you have to actually find the fabric. Regardless, the people at Bonjour mon coussin got it right. Oui oui, tres bien.

Olympic Medal Count Map

This is kind of a fun informational graphic. It's an interactive map of the current Olympic medal count. Each circle represents a country that's won a medal, circles are sized by the number of medals that a country wins. The more medals won, the larger the circle. You can even scroll through past Olympics. Simple, pretty and fun.

08 August 2008

Check It: Manicule Mugs

Love these mugs from The Manicule. They've got a few other great ones as well- all focus on great type and great color. Yes, I want them all. The only downside to these is that their from overseas. So, they're a tad pricey. Pricey but so pretty.

06 August 2008

Sunday at Lollapalooza

The last day of Lollapalooza started off with heartbreak.

The Weakerthans were playing in the morning. I've never seen them live. They rarely play in the US, let alone Chicago, this was going to be amazing. We were on time, and as we casually strolled up to the stage- I was met with a disturbing site. Another band was on stage. What? Why are they playing? Is their set running over time? Why aren't The Weakerthans setting up? I must have had utter confusion written all over my face because one of the fest volunteers came up to me and told me they wouldn't be performing. I barraged him with questions, poor man. He only knew they weren't performing- no info as to why. Heartbroken. We caught The Office instead. They did have a great set, but it just wasn't the same.

After The Office, we wandered, caught a bit of The Black Kids and then chilled out with Iron & Wine. They were more folky live than I had imagined- but it was appropriate for the hot, sunny day. We caught a smidge of The Flogging Mollys. That was one pumped crowd. Gnarls Barkley was next. Cee-lo's face is giant and his eyes are menacing. It was still fun. They covered Radiohead's Reckoner. I danced. We strolled over to the National, rocked out and I may love their trombone player.

The National was the last band that I had wanted to see. The final two headliners were Kanye West and Nine Inch Nails. I was not going to see Kanye, nope. But I didn't want to leave. Out of pure friendship, I stuck with Natalie and we saw NIN. That's right, I saw NIN. It's not that they're too heavy for me, it's not that their crowd was too crazy- it's just that NIN is basically Trent Reznor. I don't like Trent Reznor. For that matter, I don't really trust any man in a sleeveless collared shirt. I might be missing out on something, but that's just me. They played an hour and a half set, I sang along to Hurt (which I only know because Johnny Cash covered it). Trent did his thing. His bassist for the evening was Justin Meldal-Johnsen, who normally tours with Beck. I've seen him with Beck a few times. He's great and his afro is even better. I will say NIN had some great special effects going on, and Trent did a five minute xylophone solo which amused me to no end.

That's it kids, all three days! I hope you were entertained.

Pictured above, clockwise:
Day three game faces
Discarded lunch
Sweet afro

05 August 2008

Saturday at Lollapalooza

It was about five degrees cooler, and much less humid on Saturday- we were pumped.

We started the day out with The Ting Tings. Despite the drummer looking a bit too much like George Michael- they were amazing. Since they only have one album out and they played an hour set, I heard the whole album. While I love their CD, they are even better live. If their set wasn't already great, they whipped out a cow bell for the last song. Come on!

Tiny Masters of Today were playing, and we caught a brief bit of their set. They are 14 and 12 years old. They are also cooler than you or I will ever be. Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs directed their latest music video and David Bowie endorses them. What?

We grabbed some free sorbet from the good people of Whole Foods in the Eco Village and explored the park for while. After exploring, we caught Devotchka. If you know nothing of Devotcha, they are behind the soundtrack of Little Miss Sunshine. I can best explain them as Russian Gypsy Music. They have a cello, tuba and accordion. Good times.

Broken Social Scene was next. At one point in time, they were made up of about nineteen members (including Feist). We only got to see about ten of them. I wanted more.

We camped out after BSS in order to get close for Wilco. Wilco donned some pretty awesome suits. They were embroidered and themed (cats, whales, skulls, birds). Jeff Tweedy seemed especially proud of their clothing choice and made sure the fans knew it. They played for just under two hours. I have to say, the Wilco crowd was one of the politest crowds I've ever been in. Since Rage Against the Machine was playing the opposite stage, I think anyone with anger issues went to see them.

Day two was over. I was sunburned but happy.

Pictured above, clockwise:
Day two game faces.
The Ting Tings
Broken Social Scene
Smoothie game faces

04 August 2008

Friday at Lollapalooza

We started off Lollapalooza with a bang, or rather a fall. With Rogue Wave at an early time slot, and my partner in crime running a bit late, we rushed to get in the park. Unfortunately, we should have remembered that rushing & hundreds of people in line on the first day don't mix. After about 30 minutes of standing still in a crowd and not having eaten much (I'm dumb), I wasn't feeling too good. I got my wristband on and more or less took a tumble. In short, I got heatstroke, and a nice man helped me up. After sustenance and a lil' rest we good to go.

We caught Duffy at what seemed to be the hottest stage in the park. She was awesome. For such a tiny person, I have no idea how that voice comes out of her. She could have done most of the set without a mic. Go her.

There was a lot of chilling in the afternoon. Sweat took over and smoothie consumption continued. We explored the park and met up with a fellow Raconteurs fan, one Mr. Collins, for their set. They rocked hard. One of the best performances of the whole weekend. I really hope Jack White continues with the Raconteurs, Meg can go find something else to do. Though, he could stand to play a few more outdoor festivals, that man is pale.

After The Raconteurs, the three of us proceeded to head over to the other side of the park for Radiohead. They were the only band headlining that night, which set the stage for a ridiculous crowd. Ridiculous it was indeed. Thom York and company entertained us for two full hours. They were great, but the sound wasn't. I'm not sure if it was first day audio issues or what, but it needed to be louder. A few of their mellower songs started to lull me off to slumber land. We trekked out of the park promptly at ten, waded our way through garbage, said goodbye to our guest companion of the night and headed home for some sleep.

Pictured above, clockwise:
The masses on their way to Radiohead
Front entrance at night
"Oh no, Amanda got sick"
Jack White of The Raconteurs


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