29 September 2008

Progress Report

I pick up my keys this afternoon- major excitement. I'm ready to be done with moving. As the move gets closer, I get more dumb, I mean dumber.

Saturday, I went to the movies. While waiting for my friends, I decided to use the bathroom. With so many things on my mind, I walked into the bathroom without really thinking about it. When I walked in, an older Hispanic man gave me a really dirty look. I got the dirty look because I walked into the men's room. Smooth move.

Sunday, I made my way to Target. I got a shoe rack and a few bins. When I was at the register I reached into my bag for my wallet. I didn't have my wallet with me. I left it at home, along with my Target gift cards. I had to leave my cart with guest services, drive home, hope I didn't get a ticket because I didn't have my license and then drive all the way back to Target.

If this move gets postponed, I will require 24-hour supervision. I'm going to start walking into walls and drooling. Bear with me people.

25 September 2008

Check It: Paper Critters

DIY online paper toy creator!?

Paper Critters
lets you design, share, print and assemble your own paper toys. It's pretty amazing and far too addicting. I played around with it this afternoon. It may take a while to load, but it's fairly easy to use and loads of fun.

In honor of tonight's premiere of The Office, check out the Dwight Schrute critter.

22 September 2008

Fall Cardigan Roundup

Happy first day of fall! Even though it's supposed to be in the 80s today, it's officially the first day of fall. For me, fall conjures thoughts of hiking, camping, crisp air and sweaters. What better way to welcome fall than with a cardigan roundup?


Visiting Professor Cardigan
Cashmere keepsake cardigan
Lovebirds Cardigan
Parisian Hooded Duster
Sparkle Cashmere Cropped Cardigan
BDG High Low Hem Cardigan

19 September 2008


Ahoy, Maties! Bet you didn't know it was National Talk Like A Pirate Day! Well, blow me down, how fun is that? Check out the official blog for some pirate phrases, links and events near you.

16 September 2008

"Due" Not Enter (Continued)

Check out this "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks post from Sunday! Look familiar? It took about two months, but they used my submission. How sweet is that?

12 September 2008

Friday Count Down

25 days till the new Oasis CD comes out
18 days till I move
20 days till Beck plays at the Aragon
7 days till I DJ the football game at my old high school
1 day till the Renegade Craft Fair
2 hours till the weekend

10 September 2008

Box Mountain

This is just of one the many 'box mountains' that have formed at my current abode. Thanks to the good people at Argo Community High School, I may have all the moving boxes that I need. I packed up my books tonight. I filled six boxes alone of just books. I haven't gotten to the craft supplies yet, nor have I touched my clothes.
When I unpack and the move is over, I'll recycle them all. But I can't help but think about the FRIENDS episode when Ross has all his boxes at Joey & Chandler's. They build a fort. I really want to build a fort. I'll recycle the fort when I'm done. It's just that there are so few opportunities when one has enough boxes to do this, I'm taking the chance while I have it. Three weeks, my place, it's fort time.

M is for Modern

Forget A is for apple, A is for A-Frame? You bet it is.
I'm in love with these design themed Alphabet Flashcards from Jargon Boy.
You don't have to be a kid learning your ABCs to appreciate these. In fact, I'd like to see you explain neo-plasticism to a five-year old. Regardless of how you intend to use these cards, you have to admit that they look pretty great.

08 September 2008


On Friday I went to the Village Discount in Roscoe Village before going out. For $1.50 I got something that brings me great joy. I'm referring to it as a lochness monster, but officially it's a dinosaur. As much as I love it, Tyler (pictured above) has formed a bond I dare not challenge. He and the toy are sort of best friends now. He doesn't want to play with it. Because of it's awkward shape, he doesn't know quite how. Instead, he sort of 'hangs out' with the toy. He sits next to it and they chill. I don't really know how long this is going to last, but who am I to get in the way of their friendship?

04 September 2008

Dust Furniture

Renegade is less than two weeks away. That means I'm furiously going through the vendor list for things I want to check out.

One such vendor that peaked my interest is Dust Furniture. All their pieces look like they came straight out of a Salvador Dali painting. There aren't any prices on the site, but the fair is a perfect opportunity to meet the vendors in person and get all the product info you want.

03 September 2008

Update Mess

With moving and party planning, my organizational skills are otherwise occupied. I give you a mess of random updates:

Type Pendant Necklaces- Cooper Black Ampersand Necklace. Heaven.

Snow Patrol has a new album coming out on October 28, entitled A Hundred Million Suns. I didn't even know they had one coming out.

'Dig Out Your Soul' a single off of Oasis' upcoming new album is available for download on iTunes. Check it out, I cannot wait for this album.

Crazy awesome Scrabble Pillows.

The new season of Bones starts tonight. Nice.

Speaking of Bones, I checked out Zoey Deschanel's (sister of Emily who stars in Bones) album: She & Him- Volume One. It's folky, but it's really growing on me. "Why Don't You Let Me Stay Here" is a great song and worth a listen.

There is an International Toaster Museum in Germany. Yep.


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