31 October 2008

Free Coldplay Music Video

A quick music FYI for you:
Itunes is currently offering Colplay's new music video, Lover's in Japan, for free. I took advantage of the offer. It's a great video, but some of the camera work may make you a little dizzy. Check it out.

30 October 2008

Check It: 2009 Noa Bembibre Calendar

I wanted this calendar last year. I didn't get it. It's back and still amazing. The jury is still out if I'll get it or not.

28 October 2008


I accepted a last minute invite last night to go see the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. I'll say it, I had fun. It wasn't stuffy and I didn't doze off. The Civic Orchesta of Chicago is made up of young musicians who train with the Chicago Symphony and will be eventually be placed into different Symphonies around the country. As my sister-in-law put it, "It's not just a bunch of old, bald men playing. It's people our age." Well put. I'd go again.

As long as we're talking music:
-Oasis is coming to town in about a month.
-The Killers have a new song out titled "Human." I am not a fan.
-Franz Ferdinand is back in the studio working on another album.
-The bassist from The Hush Sound recently left the band to "exlore his options," or something like that.
-Ludo is going to be at the House of Blues this Sunday.
-Snow Patrol has a new album out as of today! I haven't given it a listen yet, but I'm pumped.

24 October 2008

White's Books

I love when classic novels get new book jacket designs. That old saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover" well, I'm a designer and I do. I have versions of Frankenstein and To Kill A Mockingbird with fantastic covers. CR Blog has a great interview with an ex-Penguin Publishing designer who is responsible for more great covers. He currently works for White's Books as an Art Director. The premise of White's Books being to make beautiful renditions of classic novels- perfect. I already love the four they have illustrated so far. There goes my paycheck.


I made scones.

22 October 2008

Know Your Apartment

In the past 24-hours I learned that my smoke detector works and where my fuse box is. I'm still learning about my apartment.

I grew up with a gas stove, I know how they work and how hot they get. I am now the proud renter of an electric stove. Last night, I made a recipe I'm very familiar with. When you first start cooking the chicken, you have to seer it. I turned the burner on high, waited and then put the chicken into the pan. Smoke everywhere! Apparently, electric stoves get much hotter than gas, and "medium heat" is a relative term.
I freaked out, turned the exhaust fan on, opened some windows and checked the hallway where the smoke alarm is. I didn't want it to go off and scare the guy upstairs. Despite my precautions, it went off. I freaked out a little more and tried to turn it off. I twisted it and the whole alarm came off. It was in my hands, but still going off. What?! I panicked, considered hiding it under a pillow and eventually figured out how removed the battery. Yes, there is a reset button, but at this moment I was not clearly. It was kind of like this.
And FYI, the chicken was delicious.

Lesson: Know how hot your stove gets and know how to silence your smoke alarm.

This morning, it was chilly in my apartment. I grew up with a furnace and heat that I didn't pay for. Instead of turning the furnace on this morning, I plugged in the space heater. What I didn't know was that I probably shouldn't run the space heater and the coffee pot at the same time, as well as a few other appliances. I tripped the circuit. I scoured the place for my fuse box, only to find out I clearly have no idea where the fuse box is located. I called the landlord, and followed his scavenger-hunt-like directions to the fuse box. I ended up downstairs, in a part of the building I didn't even know existed- a part I'd care not to venture to that often.

Lesson: Know where your fuse box is and how many things you can plug in before you trip a circuit.

21 October 2008


Another designer turned shirt maker, check out Ugmonk.

While those shirts are very exciting, I want to mention that my dear Jenny (who I went to school with) left yesterday to go on tour with Ludo for a month. She'll be in charge of their merch during shows, inventory and some of their design work. I wish her lots of coffee and whatever sleep she can get!

15 October 2008

Check It: Cupcake Beanie

In good conscience, I can't wear this. I'd look like a five-year-old. No one, including myself, would ever take me seriously again. That doesn't mean I can't admire it from afar...

13 October 2008

"Orange" Couch

Friday night, I picked up my couch.

Free items from family members are great in my book. I need a couch, they have one they don't want. It's a win-win situation.

I've been anticipating the couch arrival for months now. It's my gramma's old couch, and was being stored in my aunt's basement. I spoke to my aunt about the couch several times. Each time, she described the couch as being "orange." Above is a shot of the actual couch. You will see that, yes, it's orange... it's also green and beige. And, oh it's got a pattern! How the pattern was never mentioned in any conversation amuses me.

Regardless, the shape of the couch is great and it's quite comfortable. I got a cover for the couch over the weekend. Once I have it figured out, I'll post a shot of the couch makeover.

10 October 2008

The Ampersand Shoppe

It's a simple site, but ooooh how I love it. Check out The Ampersand Shoppe.

"It all started with a relatively simple problem. We wanted Ampersands on Tees, and we couldn't find them. Those we could find, we hated, and those few we didn't hate..." Music to my ears.

Take a look and pick your favorite ampersand. The Baskerville one makes me all warm & fuzzy.

07 October 2008

06 October 2008

Movin' In

I'm tired, I have random and mysterious bruises, I may still have paint in my hair and I'm crazy happy.

Running down the weekend:
Friday- cleaned all day, saw Beck at the Aragon
Saturday- painted all day, ordered giant pizza (pictured above)

Sunday- painted some more, put together IKEA items

My new place doesn't quite feel like it's mine yet, but it's starting too. My couch and bookshelves wont appear for a while, but all the items to make it livable are there. I've met the neighbors, I've got the locks figured out and I'm settling in. Give it two more weeks.

One more note, my friends and family are amazing. They worked their butts off for me, and I very much appreciate it.

02 October 2008

Dirt War

Last night, I went by the new place to clean some. I quickly found out the difference between moving into an old place and moving into a new place. I cleaned out all the cabinets in the kitchen. The top ones were a breeze. Let's just say that when I pulled out the bottom drawers to clean, I saw things. It was gross, really gross. I cleaned away dirt that was at least two years old. I found old shopping bags and children's drawings. I changed the water in my bucket time and time again. I'm going to be haunted for a while by images of dust bunnies and grime. They do look good now, spic and span.

I also don't know what all my keys do yet. I have seven keys in total. There are gates, a garage, front, side and back doors. Basically, I live in a fortress. This is ideal from a safety standpoint. However, from a first night trying to get inside standpoint, it poses issues. I still don't know which key works the bottom lock on my back door. I thought about calling the landlord, but I will not accept defeat on the first night.

I've got another load of things to drop off tonight. Tomorrow, I'm taking the day off. My mom, the guru of cleanliness and household knowledge, is coming with. Saturday is painting day, and Sunday is whatever needs to be done day.

Bring it on, dirt. Bring it on.


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