24 February 2009

Delicious Art

I went out for breakfast this morning with Becky and had some amazing pumpkin & carrot pancakes. Bongo Room did not steer us wrong. I'm in a bit of a sugar coma because of it, so this morning's post is fitting. Feast your eyes on the work of Justin Richel. Must I even explain why I was first drawn to his series entitled Sweets? Richel explains the rational behind his work:

In the midst of an entirely barren and empty "landscape", void of anything other than a multitude of sugar coated inhabitants. The many shapes and sizes, parts and pieces of a greater whole come together to construct towering mountains, pillars of sugary strength and the destructive forces of confectionery whirlwinds and tsunamis. A flawed yet functional infrastructure. A conglomerate society of multi-colored temptations, vying for the same hierarchical position at the top of the heap.

Wow. While I didn't see that coming, I love it. Check out Richel's flickr photostream for a better look at his portfolio.

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