31 March 2009

Dentist Business Card

I came across this business card for a dentist. How clever is that? I can't give you too much background on the card because the site I found it on is not in English. However, I can tell you that this is a brilliant example of a die cut and the concept works perfectly. It's simple, clean and clever. Good show.

30 March 2009

Zooey Deschanel for Oliver Peoples

More good things from Zooey Deschanel. She is the new face of Oliver Peoples Eyewear. Check out the site for a short film featuring Zooey. It's just as kitschy as you'd expect it to be. If I'm really nice, do you think they'll send me all the clothes she wears in it? No? Okay, what about these glasses? If you think you recognize the man in the film opposite Zooey, that's because it's singer/songwriter Matt Costa. I saw Matt a few months ago when he opened for Oasis. I enjoy him.
Engaged to Ben Gibbard, fabulous wardrobe, successful album... it's good to be Zooey.

29 March 2009


My bike is here! Today I picked up my mom's old bike. It's a three-speed Huffy. Awesome. I spent the afternoon cleaning and oiling it. I'm slightly in love. I cannot wait till the weather gets warmer and I'm able to ride it to work. I still need a lock and some reflectors. All in due time. It should also be noted that the bike will not be spending it's time in my living room as the photos depict. I just brought it in to take a few quick shots. I have a storage area in back that's perfect for the bike to live.

Check out my dad's sweet rope job, so I could transport the bike. Hilarious, but it worked.

Sunday, March 29th

We are a week into Spring, and I woke up to this? Worst weather ever.

27 March 2009

A Mess of Info

It's Friday, and I can't muster the focus to give this post an actual theme. Here's to throwing a mess of info at you!

There are ridiculous things happening with my hair in the above picture, and I think it's hilarious.

I forgot my phone at home today and feel lost without it.

It was announced that the Flaming Lips will be closing Pitchfork this year. I am there.

I don't like anteaters. This freaks me out to no end.

I want the space invader ones.

I went here on Thursday. I recommend the warm pudding.

So you think you know your fonts?

A peacoat inspired dress? Yes, please.

Everything here looks delicious.

has a rocking new site.

A happy weekend to all!

26 March 2009

Water Roller

A toy with a disclaimer is really the only toy worth having, no? I give you the water roller. I desperately want to play with one. Maybe take it out on the lake this summer?

25 March 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Stylin'

Since thoughts of ugly shoes consume me, this week's playlist is fashion themed. It seems like an obvious choice. (By obvious choice, I mean that I emailed Darcy and asked her what the theme should be. Seriously, if you have a theme for me bring it on. ) I tried to find a song about bad shoes, but I settled for these:

Other Music news:
- The Decemberists have a new album out, The Hazards of Love.

- Vampire Weekend is rumored to be releasing a new album later this year. They played a new song, White Sky, from it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. There was a video up of the performance on You Tube, but NBC took it down. Ha.

Phase One: Complete

Updates on my latest project! I finished painting one of the things I'm working on. It's a small sized script 'hi.' Initially, I was going to hang them somewhere. I settled for putting them on a shelf nestled between some frames. This option is working for me. Phase one of the project is complete, there are still more letters and my wooden art box to finish up. I'll keep you updated.

24 March 2009

You're Kidding, Right?

This is what I get for making fun of fashion yesterday. Today, I took a walk to the post office. En route, I passed a shoe store and look what I saw in the window. Life is mocking me.

Check It: New Math

This is the type of math I can get behind. Check out New Math for some fun formulas.

23 March 2009

Never. Gonna. Happen.

I love Urban Outfitters, perhaps more than I should. However, there are times when I cannot get behind certain items they carry. Take these shoes. They look like someone took a leather belt and tied it around a burlap sack. I don't get the thought process behind the design. Something like I want to wear a peep toe, but my ankles are cold. If I am missing something here please let me know, but I'm pretty sure these are horrible.

20 March 2009

New Project!

I've been trying to come up with a new project for myself. Yesterday, I took a stroll through Joann Fabrics and found my answer. Giant paper mache letters on clearance! What can I do with them? In the end I got three giant ones that I plan on painting and hanging in the kitchen, and two small ones that may go in the bathroom. I put one coat of paint on the smaller ones last night. It's going to take a few coats, but I'm excited. Once the paints and brushes came out, I wanted to paint more things. I spotted my art supply box from IKEA and it looked too plain. The first application of paint on the wooden box left it looking stained. I sort of like it, but at the same time I want a matte color. In short, everything needs more coats of paint. I'll keep you updated.

pile of unpainted letters:

first coat:

close up of first coat:

first coat on art supply box:

19 March 2009

Check It: New Orla Kiely Bags

One of the perks of being a girl is getting to obsess over things like bags. Every once in a while, it's okay to be a big, giant girl. I'm pulling the girl card right now. Behold Orla Kiely's latest bags. I can't get over the colors, they're great. Is that patent leather? You bet it is!

18 March 2009

Check It: Tea Cup Stool

Why is everything amazing only available in the UK? This tea cup stool from Mocha is too much fun. Imagine a tea party, while sitting on tea cups- very Alice in Wonderland.

Playlist Wednesday: Get It Together

I went to the Container Store last night. Every time I'm there I want to fill up shopping carts and buy till I can't buy anymore. I don't have use for half the items in the store, but it doesn't matter. I see a plastic bag meant to hold wreaths and it calls to me. This week's playlist honors the power of organization. Anal retentive individuals rejoice!

If you're in the mood for a little acoustic wonder, Sherry sent me a link to some Kooks songs. I love this. Is it too much to ask that Luke Pritchard just follow me around with his guitar like a strolling troubadour? If you can't see the video below, click here.

17 March 2009


For my senior year AP Biology class, I did a research project all about Entomophagy. It's the practice of consuming insects. I even made chocolate chip cricket cookies. Grossed out? Remember that in some parts of the world insects are a delicacy. Most insects have higher protein levels than poultry, and they're cholesterol free. When I came across Edible, via Lovely Package, flashbacks ensued.

This does not mean I'm ordering toffee scorpion candy from Edible, not a chance. I'm interested in Edible for another reason. Check out their design. The packaging and site photography are great, you could say pretty. They are as pretty as bug food can be. The navigation is simple, nothing is overdone. There's a clinical feeling to everything, which is exactly what they need to be taken seriously. Bugs are gross, people think they're dirty, so everything else needs to be as clean as possible. If you can make eating bugs look good, that is the mark of a good designer. Bravo.

16 March 2009


I love my apartment. Currently, there are dirty dishes in the sink, and I'm okay with that. There are some clothes on the floor, and I am okay with that. Somehow the bathroom is immaculate, and I love that. Normally, when I'm away for a few days I'm happy to be home. I was gone for a few days this weekend, but I made a fatal mistake. Before I left I did not take the garbage out. Dude. It was rank, like bad eggs rank. I threw out the garbage, lite a scented candle and got on with the day. Lesson learned.

12 March 2009

Check It: Scanwiches

Proving that you can have a website about anything, I bring you Scanwiches.com. People cut their sandwich in half, place it on a scanner and submit the photo to the site. The type of sandwich and place the sandwich was made are noted. I love it, but I do not want to be the one who cleans the scanner afterword.

11 March 2009

Cupcake Dental Floss!?

Shut Up.

Playlist Wednesday: Bon Appetit

Food! It's a good thing. So good in fact, that it's incorporated into a lot of songs. Can't you tell I'm sad lunch is over? Today I'm sharing with you a food themed playlist. Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

Somewhat music related, this video is awesome. T-Mobile, did a commercial at the train station in Liverpool. Dancers practiced for eight weeks and then strutted their stuff for daily commuters. If you can't see the video below, click here.

10 March 2009

Monkey Movies?

I like lists. It's the obsessive compulsive in me. Lists are one of the reasons I enjoy renting movies online. I'm a member of Blockbuster Online, and when I log in I'm greeted with tons of lists: Top Independent Films, Top Classic Films, Top Action Adventure films. You get the idea. Today I spotted a new list: Top Monkey Movies. Really, Blockbuster Online? You made a Monkey Movie list... and it's five pages long! I just don't know how to feel.

Check out the banner (click to enlarge):

I am slightly appalled that a customer would sit and work their way though the Monkey Movie list, adding films one by one to their queue, until they've seen all 100. I am also impressed that there are actually 100 films on the list. I mean, after King Kong, where do you go? I am emotionally torn. Everything in me wants to hate it. Top BBC romantic series it is definitely not. But after reading the list, I confess to having seen a lot of the movies on it. Pirates of the Caribbean. Monkey in it. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Monkey in it. Plant of the Apes. No monkeys, but lots of apes in it. Yes, there are films on it that I am judging. Space Chimps will not be making its way into my queue anytime soon.

Perhaps my initial reaction was too strong. In the end I accept the list because it's so absurd. But I want Blockbuster to build on the idea. And they want to give me ridiculous lists, they should really go for it. Don't just stop at the Monkey Movies. I want Panda movies, movies featuring people eating PB&J sandwiches, a list of movies about people who make lists. Get on it!

09 March 2009

Yummy Pockets Assortment

I have not adjusted to daylight savings yet. I'm running a bit slow this morning. All I can gather to tell you on this Monday morning, all that I can say for sure, is that I do not want to keep my money in a taco. I think I would see it in my purse and get confused. Why is there a taco in my bag? Then I'd remember. Then it would happen again the next day. Ponder it, would you keep your money in a taco?

I promise I'll be more intelligible later.

06 March 2009

Happy Friday!

The weather is gorgeous today, but the mood is a bit stressful. Here is a little something to de-stress your stay and get the weekend rolling. This is Roscoe. Yes, he is smirking.

05 March 2009


There are many things in life that make me happy. When two or more of those things somehow combine themselves, it's even better. Example: Shakespeare makes me happy. David Tennant also makes me happy. What if David Tennant read Shakespearean sonnets? Oh yes! Click here to hear him in all his Scottish glory.

The audio file is a sample from From Shakespeare– with love. It's an audio book of Shakespearean sonnets read by actors, and it marks the 400th anniversary of the Sonnets first publishing. If you're interested, it's released on April 1st.

04 March 2009

Playlist Wednesday: What Time Is It?

Did you know we turn our clocks ahead this Sunday? I didn't until an hour ago when Darcy told me. Good to know. In honor of springing ahead let's make "time" the theme of this weeks playlist.

In other music news, check out Ludo this Saturday on MTV Cribs from 3:30-4, and if you're a No Doubt fan tickets go on sale for their summer tour this weekend!

03 March 2009

Frank Chimero Illustrations

I'm a fan of Frank Chimero. He's a Missouri based illustrator, designer and writer. I really love the style of his illustrations. They are simple, witty and make great use of texture. His online shop had been under construction for quite a while, but it's back in action and I want to purchase things. For now I'll restrain myself, but check out his portfolio.

02 March 2009


Take that Slanket! You think you're so cool, but you're no couch dress.
This site amuses me to no end. Oh, Internet. I like you.


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