17 March 2009


For my senior year AP Biology class, I did a research project all about Entomophagy. It's the practice of consuming insects. I even made chocolate chip cricket cookies. Grossed out? Remember that in some parts of the world insects are a delicacy. Most insects have higher protein levels than poultry, and they're cholesterol free. When I came across Edible, via Lovely Package, flashbacks ensued.

This does not mean I'm ordering toffee scorpion candy from Edible, not a chance. I'm interested in Edible for another reason. Check out their design. The packaging and site photography are great, you could say pretty. They are as pretty as bug food can be. The navigation is simple, nothing is overdone. There's a clinical feeling to everything, which is exactly what they need to be taken seriously. Bugs are gross, people think they're dirty, so everything else needs to be as clean as possible. If you can make eating bugs look good, that is the mark of a good designer. Bravo.


mushroom said...

Did you eat your chocolate chip cricket cookies?

Amanda said...

I did. I totally did.


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