10 March 2009

Monkey Movies?

I like lists. It's the obsessive compulsive in me. Lists are one of the reasons I enjoy renting movies online. I'm a member of Blockbuster Online, and when I log in I'm greeted with tons of lists: Top Independent Films, Top Classic Films, Top Action Adventure films. You get the idea. Today I spotted a new list: Top Monkey Movies. Really, Blockbuster Online? You made a Monkey Movie list... and it's five pages long! I just don't know how to feel.

Check out the banner (click to enlarge):

I am slightly appalled that a customer would sit and work their way though the Monkey Movie list, adding films one by one to their queue, until they've seen all 100. I am also impressed that there are actually 100 films on the list. I mean, after King Kong, where do you go? I am emotionally torn. Everything in me wants to hate it. Top BBC romantic series it is definitely not. But after reading the list, I confess to having seen a lot of the movies on it. Pirates of the Caribbean. Monkey in it. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Monkey in it. Plant of the Apes. No monkeys, but lots of apes in it. Yes, there are films on it that I am judging. Space Chimps will not be making its way into my queue anytime soon.

Perhaps my initial reaction was too strong. In the end I accept the list because it's so absurd. But I want Blockbuster to build on the idea. And they want to give me ridiculous lists, they should really go for it. Don't just stop at the Monkey Movies. I want Panda movies, movies featuring people eating PB&J sandwiches, a list of movies about people who make lists. Get on it!


Tragic Schmagic said...

This amuses me on many levels. I also enjoy lists. Lists are the answer to everything. The end.


mushroom said...

I used to have some serious nightmares that involved those disturbing people-monkeys in Planet of the Apes.


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