28 April 2009

Advertising Fail

All ads are designed to grab your attention. Internet ads in particular do everything they can to catch your eye. They make sound, they move, they do whatever they can. I came across this particular ad, and I had to share. It caught my eye because it's a bunch of dancing pandas. Typical.

Here's my issue, as fun as dancing pandas are, one would think they'd relate to the content of the ad. Design 101: Images should relate to content. You don't really see non sequitur imagery. For whatever reason, if degrees.info wants to use dancing pandas, perhaps they should have made them all look different? By not differentiating them this ad is telling me an accountant is the same things as graphic designer. It doesn't take a genius to tell you that those are VERY different occupations. I can't explain this ad. It has no credibility. It's just really, really bad advertising. I surely hope no pandas were harmed in the making of it.


mushroom said...

Imagine getting therapy from a panda?? WOA.

Meeshoo said...

my biggest problem with this (of course it's grammatical)is how can one become "a police"? Like...the whole police force? Must be one powerful panda degree.


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