03 April 2009

Doodle + Link Potluck

It's no secret that I doodle. You should see my notes from college, so many drawings. I've been at it again, but this time I'm doodling in Illustrator rather than in a notebook. Fancier, I know. I present to you the first of my new doodles. They have names, that's right. Meet Olive & Pepper (I really do like food). I have no idea where this project is going, but there will be more. I've chatted with Darcy (college buddy, in marketing, would make a good art director) about this and it looks like these two girls are getting a canine friend next. Keep on the lookout for Tater the dog.

Since it is Friday, I've got a potluck of links I came across during the week that I haven't shared with you just yet. I think this is going to be Friday protocol form now on. Enjoy!

Salvaged drawers = modular bookcase
Makes me want to invite people over for tea.
Fun Italian jewlery.
Proving you can sell anything: the apple jacket.
You can't fit any books in Rhode Island.
I got a new desktop this week, you want one too?

1 comment:

Tragic Schmagic said...

You always amaze me with what you can find on the internet. I want your searching skills.


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