16 April 2009

Monkey Packages

In college, I worked for the student paper. On of my reoccurring features was called "Proofreading the World." I found misspellings, typos and other design disasters around the city and critiqued them. My underlying point always being that such mistakes could be prevented if someone took a few minutes to proofread before sending to press.

Yesterday, I proofread. I'm working on a brochure, and had to type in a portion of the text. It's always risky when that happens. I spell checked, and everything was spelled correctly. Then I read through it. Spell check doesn't catch everything, my friends.

If you don't proofread "Monthly packages start at $500 a month" could accidentally read, "Monkey packages start at $500 a month." That's right. I typed "monkey packages." What does that even mean? Since the brochure is still in the early stages of design, the typo is hilarious. If it went to press, I might be in a bit of hot water.

Words of warning my lovelies: If it's going to be read by the public, if it's important to you, if you want to save yourself trouble- proof it! If you don't trust yourself, get a second set of eyes. If you don't, you just may end up dishing out $500 for a monkey package.

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