09 April 2009

Pink Roundup

I can't believe I'm typing these words, but it's time for a pink roundup?
Confession time: As a kid I had a pink room, a basket of giant pink bows and was the poster child for all things carnation hued. This was not by choice. My mother thought it would be wonderful to bathe her only daughter in all things pink. As I got older, the tolerance I once had for the color turned to hate and I went on a pink rebellion. My room was repainted and the pink mysteriously disappeared from my wardrobe. Now here’s another confession (although not nearly as scandalous): After a decade of disgust, I kind of like it again. Since it's spring, pink is popping up everywhere. Here are a few items I'm loving.

Pink Radios Poster
Inside Out Bowl

Strawberry Burst A7 Flat Invitation

Silence & Noise Colorblock Ponte Dress
Pink Partridge Pin
Add Subtract Tee

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