15 April 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Themeless, Yet Seamless

It's tax day. I considered a tax/money themed post. Then I went to a government theme. That brought me to a 'down with the man' theme, but if it's my blog, technically I'm the man. How do I go anti-establishment on myself? I'm all about the themed lists. Today, instead of a theme, I'm just giving you songs that have had heavy rotation on my playlist as of late. I am also admitting that today's image doesn't relate either. Again, I just like it.

(I toyed with naming this week's list, "Stick it to the Man-da." Yeah... )

Weird & Facinating Music News: Lupe Fiasco & Justin Timberlake are going to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity. Wait, what?

Unrealted, but funny: Sarah found this.

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