20 April 2009

Show & Weekend Recap

Friday night was the Death Cab for Cutie show. Recap time.

Ra Ra Riot and Cold War Kids opened. I wised I'd seen more of Ra Ra and less of Cold War.
Front man Ben Gibbard has slimmed down since I've last seen him. Sherry put it best, "He's less round and more angular." I was a little torn when he walked on to the stage ten pounds lighter, longer hair and sans glasses. How should I feel? This isn't the Ben I know. A few seconds later, he started singing and all was right in the world. He was really energetic. I think the weight loss and recent engagement have made him spunkier. They opened with Marching Bands of Manhattan. At that point, the gates of rock opened and an amazing set followed though. They played a decent mix of old and new, with a few very early songs and new song off an EP. I got my 2-minute joy-fest when they played "Sound of Settling" and my 4-minute acoustic swoon with "I Will Follow You Into The Dark."

All in all, I enjoyed them more that the last time they came to town. I will note that it was a sweaty time. It's always warm in side the Aragon, even when the crowd isn't big. When it's a sold out show you aren't going to walk out of there looking pretty. Ew.

The rest of the weekend sped by. Natalie spent the night, Saturday service, dinner at Jackie's, BBC movies and book reading. I leave for California in less than a month. Plans are coming together. It also gives me an excuse to go shopping. I want to wear these sandals in California.

That's all for now. I'm still warming up. After all, it's Monday and I'm not even finished with my coffee. How are all of you? Good weekends? Find me clothes for California.

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peaches said...

best phrase spoken by band member during a concert: "coarse language" He's so 1959. It's adorable.


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