29 May 2009

Friday Link Cat Party

Friday nonsense time! The cat in this video makes me want a cat. He defies gravity. I am dog sitting this weekend. I will have a bulldog named Bumper. I have a feeling Bumper will be obeying the laws of gravity. Let's hope. Have a fantastic weekend.

Link time:

Movie posters recreated with Lego
Pudding cup & saucer
Clever Salt & Pepper
Love this illustration
Meg White got married, so she IS Jack's sister
Fun reminders
Drool-worthy wallpaper
Rugs are fun!
Typewriter Towels
Crazy cat house

28 May 2009

Check It: Elizabeth Soule Photography

Photo love. Elizabeth Soule is a Portland-based photographer who does most of her work with a Polaroid. The use of found objects make for fun and whimsy, and the Polaroid adds a vintage flair. She sells prints on etsy and has a blog. Of course she does. Her photos make me smile, hope they brighten your day too.

27 May 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Own It

Have you ever heard a song that instantly made you feel fantastic? You're going about your day, when all of a sudden a song you hear a song that fits the moment perfectly? Maybe it makes you want to dance, maybe it makes you strut, maybe you don't even notice it as first but all of a sudden you feel great.

That happened to me in California. Sherry & I were out enjoying ourselves, when Juicy by Better than Ezra came on. I'm not a Better than Ezra fan, but that song just did something to us. We went from zero to ten in just a few verses. We felt like we owned the place. This week I give you songs that pump me up, songs that make me feel like I own the place.

I'm curious, what song makes you own the moment?

MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com

26 May 2009

Phase Two: Complete

I hope everyone had a great day off yesterday. I enjoyed some family time and delicious food, care of my mother.

I've got an update for you. A few months ago I mentioned a new project I was working on. Then I informed you phase one was complete. Phase two, is now complete. Check out the addition to my kitchen. I finished painting the other letters I purchased and figured out a way to hang them. I sought my dad's advice on the hanging and was able to put them up using only string and tacks- items I already had. The spacing of the letters was difficult. The typesetter in me kept kerning them.

There is no phase three. I am now done adding giant letters and numbers to my apartment. Anymore and PBS will be able to come over and shoot episodes of Sesame Street.

22 May 2009

Friday Link Time

How about a real post? Since it's Friday tradition to have a potluck link fiesta, I say let's stick with tradition.

Link for the FREE Coldplay EP
Pictures from our California vacation
Frank Llyod Wright Legos
Tetris Pots
Rabbit Pins
Kiddieland: End of an Institution
Smock Paper
Tea Lights
Typography Soap
Fresh Snack Pack

21 May 2009

Back In Action

I am back. No real time for updates just yet.

For now just know:
I am no longer sunburn.
I am exhausted.
Coldplay has a new, free album out.
The "Pp" post was actually an accident. I bumped the keypad and it was an accidental post. Still, it's funny.
In time there will be photos and stories. In time.

20 May 2009

Waiting to board- Sherry whipped out the eye makeup. I am now a stylish jet setter.
Last day :( time to pack, then we're going out to lunch. Flight leave at 5:20 and lands in Chicago at 11:15 pm. Ouch.

19 May 2009

It was Paige Davies from Trading Spaces that we saw- I have conformation.
Had sushi @ japanese garden- 95% sure we sat next to Paige from Trading Spaces. She has a dog named Sophie.
Wound up at the Air & Space Museum- Awesome exhibit on Da Vinci
I will also note that we are moving pretty slow today.
Last full day in Cali. We're going to Balboa today. Strolling, shopping & potential museums. Possibly some beach time too.

16 May 2009

We just saw the actor who plays jerrys uncle leo on seinfeild
Todays schedule: Chinese theater, star tours & shopping at the Grove. Sunburn is fading. Loving everything.

15 May 2009

While on the Hollywood tour we were interviewed by a reporter from the LA Times doing a story on tourism. Yep.
At Pinks getting hot dogs!
Double decker bus tour- took a palm tree to the face
Our hotel is owned by hyatt- its the riot hyatt! formerly trashed by musicians like the doors- now theyve got the likes of mcguire & havlik to deal with.
All checked in at the Andaz hotel. One word: SWANK.
On the road- GPS is the best thing ever.
Driving to LA today! It's a four hour drive- not horrible. Possible ?ollywood excursioin this afternoon & Sky bar tonight.

12 May 2009

We've landed. It smells like sunshine.
Just picked up Sherry. She has a suitcase full of sausage- literal sausage that she is bringing her aunt.

11 May 2009

Mobile Updates

I am now able to post via cell phone! Check back all week for mobile vacation updates.

08 May 2009

California Here I Come

I am crazy busy today. My apologies for the lack of content. I leave for vacation on Tuesday. Regularly scheduled scouting will resume on the 20th when I'm back from California. If I don't post again before I leave, I send you hugs from the West Coast! Have a fabulous weekend.

07 May 2009

Vacation Roundup!

Come Tuesday I will be on my way to sunny California! I've never been, and I cannot wait! While you may not be jet setting next week, I can still share with you and share I shall.

Sunglasses: This should go without saying but summer = sun. If you don't want to look squinty-eyed in every picture you take outdoors, wear sunglasses. They also help conceal the dreaded 'puffy eyes' that develop by the end of a trip.

Suitcase Tag: You've landed. Do you want to get the trip started or spend an hour trying to figure out which luggage belongs to you? That's what I thought. Tags are essential to distinguish your bags. I have brightly colored ones that look like bugs. Loop NYC has fun tags you can find in the stores. Check some of their merch here.

Sundress: If it's 95 and gross out, not only will you keep cool in a sundress, you'll look cute. Plus they hardly take up any room in a suitcase. Pack them liberally.

Tote bag: Grab everything and throw it in a big canvas tote. That's my philosophy. I also included tote bag so I could share this hilarious kitten tote I found. He's an artist. What?

Book: Stuck on the plane next to some creepy dude that you'd rather not talk to? Have a book handy. People won't bother you.

Travel buddy: A good travel buddy is key. It has to be someone who you wont get mad at, someone who understands it's okay (and sometimes more fun) if things go completely wrong. Someone who will not freak out if you're in Prague at night and accidentally stumble upon a crematorium while trying to locate your hotel room. It happened.

Headband: It's a quick fix type of item. Wind blown hair gets fixed. Headband = lifesaver.

Camera: Duh. However, I will add that hello kitty crystal studded camera does not scream practical.

06 May 2009

This Week: Whatcha Gonna Do?

Trying to keep in theme with the pros and cons of the week's earlier posts, I give you songs about choices. Weigh the pros and cons of your decisions today. I've already made one decision I am very proud of. There are brownies in the office today. I accessed the situation:

Pros: Sweet Betty Crocker, I love brownies! They are chocolaty and delicious. Is there a better way to start a Wednesday? If I didn't eat one, the person who brought them in might be offended. I wouldn't want that.
Cons: Really not seeing any at the moment.

I have to say, very smart choice on my end. I am very happy.

You might notice that the music section has been, for lack of a better word, pimped. Check out the new mini ipod. It functions just like a regular ipod, with all the same controls and buttons. Enjoy!

MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com

05 May 2009

Check It: Yellow, High Waisted, Suspender Shorts?

I think I'm going with a pros and cons theme for this week. I had fun writing the book post yesterday, so let's share some more. Feast your eyes on this little number.

Pros: I can't stop looking at it. It's certainly eye catching. It's kitschy, and it tugs at my bias for buttons. I love yellow.
Cons: No one in real life could ever pull this off, ever. I think the reason it appeals to me is that my Barbie had the same outfit. She pulled it off flawlessly. She was also made of plastic and drove a hot pink Jeep. If I saw someone on the street wearing this I would stare, but I'm not sure I'd stare in a good way. If it weren't for the yellow, maybe someone could wear it in the real world. Canary yellow shorts with suspenders scream costumey.

My ultimate vote it no, unless you're in character for some sort of '40s style summer party. I could be wrong though. Prove me wrong people, prove me wrong.

04 May 2009

Let's talk book design...

We've talked about book covers before. The old adage of 'don't judge a book by it's cover' means nothing to me. I do it all the time. I'm slightly obsessed with book covers. Specifically, I love looking for well designed versions of books I ready have and love. Lately, I've been looking at different editions of Pride & Prejudice. Here are a few interesting ones I've found thus far. I'm not committing to any of these yet, but please weigh in. It's sharing time.

1. Illustrated, paperback

Pros: Gorgeous illustrations and display type! I love the two columns, best interior page design of the bunch.
Cons: It's paperback! I really want a hardcover, and it's rather small.

2. Black and white graphics, paperback

Pros: How great is that illustration? So much contrast, so unexpected and so fitting. Check out Mr. Darcy, stepping on her dress. Love it.
Cons: Again, it's paperback. I've only seen this version online, I have no idea what the interior pages are like. The cover bodes well for the interior design, but maybe they blew the budget on the cover and the inside had to suffer. I've seen it happen before.

3. Imprinted, leather

Pros: The cover looks like a journal.
Cons: The cover looks like a journal.

4. Illustrated cover, paperback

Pros: This feels classically Austen to me. Very subject appropriate.
Cons: Again, it's paperback. I'm not a gentle girl. Over time, I may destroy this. Also, I don't like the idea of Elizabeth Bennet being a blond.

5. Patterned cover, hardcover

Pros: Hardcover! Also, check out that pattern. Very intricate and classic.
Cons: Yes, do check out that pattern. Is it interesting, or is it wallpaper? It's good, but it's not great. Lackluster at best.

I'm not sure. For now, the search continues. What do you think, am I off base?

01 May 2009

Friday Link Potluck Continues

It's Friday again, my wonderfuls! Who is up for a mess of links? I'll do all the legwork, I promise. You just enjoy.

10 Bizarre Appliance Combos
Musical kitchenware
I will not become this
52 weeks of baking
I could have done 18
Adobe inspired pillows
Food architects
How to etch glass
Air mail
Penguin Book blog


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