05 May 2009

Check It: Yellow, High Waisted, Suspender Shorts?

I think I'm going with a pros and cons theme for this week. I had fun writing the book post yesterday, so let's share some more. Feast your eyes on this little number.

Pros: I can't stop looking at it. It's certainly eye catching. It's kitschy, and it tugs at my bias for buttons. I love yellow.
Cons: No one in real life could ever pull this off, ever. I think the reason it appeals to me is that my Barbie had the same outfit. She pulled it off flawlessly. She was also made of plastic and drove a hot pink Jeep. If I saw someone on the street wearing this I would stare, but I'm not sure I'd stare in a good way. If it weren't for the yellow, maybe someone could wear it in the real world. Canary yellow shorts with suspenders scream costumey.

My ultimate vote it no, unless you're in character for some sort of '40s style summer party. I could be wrong though. Prove me wrong people, prove me wrong.


Apple said...

I think Amy Winehouse has a pair.

Anonymous said...

i need a pair of these for rally day at my school !!!! where to get these ? :)


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