04 May 2009

Let's talk book design...

We've talked about book covers before. The old adage of 'don't judge a book by it's cover' means nothing to me. I do it all the time. I'm slightly obsessed with book covers. Specifically, I love looking for well designed versions of books I ready have and love. Lately, I've been looking at different editions of Pride & Prejudice. Here are a few interesting ones I've found thus far. I'm not committing to any of these yet, but please weigh in. It's sharing time.

1. Illustrated, paperback

Pros: Gorgeous illustrations and display type! I love the two columns, best interior page design of the bunch.
Cons: It's paperback! I really want a hardcover, and it's rather small.

2. Black and white graphics, paperback

Pros: How great is that illustration? So much contrast, so unexpected and so fitting. Check out Mr. Darcy, stepping on her dress. Love it.
Cons: Again, it's paperback. I've only seen this version online, I have no idea what the interior pages are like. The cover bodes well for the interior design, but maybe they blew the budget on the cover and the inside had to suffer. I've seen it happen before.

3. Imprinted, leather

Pros: The cover looks like a journal.
Cons: The cover looks like a journal.

4. Illustrated cover, paperback

Pros: This feels classically Austen to me. Very subject appropriate.
Cons: Again, it's paperback. I'm not a gentle girl. Over time, I may destroy this. Also, I don't like the idea of Elizabeth Bennet being a blond.

5. Patterned cover, hardcover

Pros: Hardcover! Also, check out that pattern. Very intricate and classic.
Cons: Yes, do check out that pattern. Is it interesting, or is it wallpaper? It's good, but it's not great. Lackluster at best.

I'm not sure. For now, the search continues. What do you think, am I off base?


Cupcake said...

One comment. The one that has a cover that looks like a journal: The inside pages have really large print and it makes you feel you are reading a children's book in a bad way. Love the cover art on the second one.

Tragic Schmagic said...

Even though I know nothing about design, number 2 wins for me. Hands down.


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