26 May 2009

Phase Two: Complete

I hope everyone had a great day off yesterday. I enjoyed some family time and delicious food, care of my mother.

I've got an update for you. A few months ago I mentioned a new project I was working on. Then I informed you phase one was complete. Phase two, is now complete. Check out the addition to my kitchen. I finished painting the other letters I purchased and figured out a way to hang them. I sought my dad's advice on the hanging and was able to put them up using only string and tacks- items I already had. The spacing of the letters was difficult. The typesetter in me kept kerning them.

There is no phase three. I am now done adding giant letters and numbers to my apartment. Anymore and PBS will be able to come over and shoot episodes of Sesame Street.


Tragic Schmagic said...

Cute. Makes me think of Champaign. There was always this giant sign that said EAT, right above a diner.

mushroom said...

I love it!


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