27 May 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Own It

Have you ever heard a song that instantly made you feel fantastic? You're going about your day, when all of a sudden a song you hear a song that fits the moment perfectly? Maybe it makes you want to dance, maybe it makes you strut, maybe you don't even notice it as first but all of a sudden you feel great.

That happened to me in California. Sherry & I were out enjoying ourselves, when Juicy by Better than Ezra came on. I'm not a Better than Ezra fan, but that song just did something to us. We went from zero to ten in just a few verses. We felt like we owned the place. This week I give you songs that pump me up, songs that make me feel like I own the place.

I'm curious, what song makes you own the moment?

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mushroom said...

Swing, Swing - All American Rejects :)

Amanda said...

Love that song.

Tragic Schmagic said...

Chicago - Sufjan Stevens Gets me every time.


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