30 June 2009

29 June 2009

Robot Lessons

I hope you had a great weekend. I lounged it up at the beach on Saturday and went to the movies on Sunday. I saw Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen. Holy rusted robots Batman, it was not as good as the first. I didn't hate it, but aside from Shia LeBeouf's little girl screams, I didn't love it. Despite that, I want to share what I learned from the movie:

1. There is an Autobot Heaven, and humans can visit.
2. Robots can talk jive.
3. When you don't know what to do with a friend who won't stop talking, you tase them.
4. I want to be in a situation where I can use the phrase "Bring the rain."
5. Robots can have beards and canes.
6. The budget was equally split between special effects and lip gloss for Megan Fox.
7. College kids are able to issue commands to the U.S. Army.
8. I still love Optimus Prime, even if his big phrase at the end of the movie was "Give me your face." Classy, Optimus. Classy.
9. Dialogue between two robots is lame.
10. If you don't want anyone to find your giant weapon that is capable of destroying the sun, hide it in a pyramid.

27 June 2009

Heard at the beach (loud and confrontational): How do you know Adam and Eve were white?!

26 June 2009

Friday Link Party

It's been a long, warm and sticky week. Bring on the sun this weekend, because I'm spending my Saturday at the beach. I cannot wait, and in my mind, I'm already there. I hope you've got some fantastic plans for this weekend, and if you don't there is still time. It's only Friday morning.

Happy linking:
I'd take the train everyday if i could ride in a swing
Another reason to love coffee
Who knew balloons could make you hungry?
I would rock these
Who wants to buy me a plane ticket to Denmark?
I cant have a real dog at my apartment, but what about a dog decal?
Because I am braid obsessed this summer
Have you seen the images from the new Alice in Wonderland movie?
This makes me want to drink tea all day
If you saw UP, you'll appreciate this

25 June 2009

24 June 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Grammar Police

Song lyrics do not have to be written using perfect English. It's all about artistic liberties, I know this. That doesn't mean I don't cringe when I see song lyrics written out. I have nothing against these songs or their writers. I would simply like to call attention to a few things.

Chasing Cars:
"If I lay here, If I just lay here, Will you lie with me and just forget the world?" The problem is the verb. "Lay" takes a direct object. The correct way to write this would be "If I lie here, If I just lie here, Will you lie with me and just forget the world?"

Yes, it's a classic. However, being dubbed a classic doesn't change the fact that it contains a double negative. "I can't get no satisfaction." Really? Because if you can't get no satisfaction, that actually means you can get some satisfaction. That doesn't make for a good song though, does it?

Mageetah? What is that? Those of us who speak English would say "My Guitar." I love you, My Morning Jacket, but don't make up words.

C'mon Girl:
Would it kill the Chili Peppers to write out the words 'Come On' Would it? It's just two extra letters.

Bubble Pop Electric:
"I’m restless, can’t you see I try my bestest.” Gwen, you are so talented, but "bestest" is not a word. It's not.

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23 June 2009

Flickr Office Pranks

While I don't have a flickr account, I enjoy it. I like getting links from my friends to view their images, and searching through random tags of images can practically become a pastime. I came across a group of images that were tagged as 'Office Pranks.' They are a must share. If you have cubicles at work, I'm not saying these should inspire anything. I'm just saying I hope you enjoy these images.

Tin foil office:

Wrapped Cubicle:

Balloon filled cubicle:

Rubber band telephone:

Cubicle filled with cups of water:

22 June 2009

Tea Towel Roundup

The front of my stove has a few deep scratches in it. They drive me nuts, because there isn't much I can do about them. I've resorted to covering them up with fun tea towels. You know, those fancy towels you see at the store that aren't actually absorbent enough to use for the dishes. They just hang around and look pretty. Confession: I love them. Today, I'm sharing that love.

You Wash, I'll Dry
Gilded Birdcage Cotton Bar Towels
Chocolate Dishtowels

Rock n' Roll tea towel
Growth Spurt Dishtowel
Fancy a Brew tea towel - lime

19 June 2009

Friday Links & A Grown Lion

Friday love.

While I'm happy it's Friday, I can't help but feeling slightly concerned about the weather. The sky is a menacing green and it's humid. It feels like a matter of minutes before the sky just cracks open a dumps an ocean full of rain on us. Ominous I tell you. If you were in a good mood I hope I haven't gone and spoiled your Friday. I'll make it up to you. I promise. I have links :)

These shoes make my heart beat a little faster
16 Must Know Bizzare Science Facts
Super Modern Cover for an Austen novel, no?
This makes me want to press buttons
Shoes from a vending machine!
Make your own finger paint.
Love this wedding invite
Hippo Locket

Have you seen these around town? I have.
Lollapalooza schedule is up

I also have a photo update. See how good I am with the gifts? Remember my lion?
Check out how grown up his is:

As he got larger, his face really got distorted. Creeeepy eye.

Have a fabulous weekend. Stay dry today!

18 June 2009

Ring-A-Ding-Ding Round Up

Rings are small but can make a big statement. Since I'm on the computer all day, I tend not to wear rings to work. They always get in the way of typing. So instead of wearing a lot of rings I ogle other peoples or try them on at the store. Here are a few I've been ogling.

Age of Industry Ring
Rose Bowl Ring
Crystal Flowerette Ring
Pinwheel Glitz Ring
Renaissance Cameo Ring
Carved Tea Flower Ring

17 June 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Whistle While You Work

I cannot whistle correctly. I suppose I am what you call a backwards whistler. I suck air in rather that blow it out. For the life of me, I cannot whistle the normal way. I am in awe of people who whistle correctly and in tune. This week is dedicated to all the pro-whistlers out there. Whether it's throughout an entire song, or just in a sweet solo, I give props to the whistlers.

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A shout out to the original whistler:

And just because it's so cute. The puppy tries to whistle:

16 June 2009

Check It: The Uniform Project

How many times do you wake up in the morning and decide you have nothing to wear? You scour your closet, but alas, nothing. What if you had to wear the same thing for an entire year?

The Uniform Project is a a year-long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation, a movement that is helping education in India. One girl wears one style dress for an entire year. Everyday the dress is worn a new way, with new accessories. The whole point of the project is to promote sustainable fashion. At the end of the year, all of the contributions raised through the project will go toward the charity. She had a friend design the dress specifically for the project, keeping in mind it had to be versatile. You can donate accessories to the project. This makes me appreciate my closet in a whole new way.

15 June 2009

Check It: Elle Jewels

Slightly in love with the bracelets from Elle Jewels. They are detailed, dainty and unique. Check out their site, and sift through the earrings and necklaces too. I'm sharing three with you that I like, but I want several more.

12 June 2009

Friday Links & Stop Motion Invite

It's Friday, and it has finally stopped raining. The sun is actually out, and for a change it doesn't feel gloomy. Let's celebrate! I've got some good links for you and a great video to share. It is the coolest and most original invitation for a wedding I have seen. Check out Corey and Rachel's stop motion invite. Yes, they used Vampire Weekend for the soundtrack.


Classic poetry books redesigned
Swiss Army Knife cutlery holder
Mini-Golf at Millennium Park?
Chewing gum sculptures
It's Martha endorsed and I want it
New source for prints
Great table
How many balloons would it take to lift a house?
It's pretty good
Summer Hair Inspiration

Have a fabulous weekend. I'm having a picnic. What are you up to?

11 June 2009

Photo Update Post

I've got some picture posts for you today. Some times little things pile up that I want to share with you. Today, I'm sharing a few of them.

Last night I ran some errands. I came across "Incredible Growing Capsules" in the dollar section. As a child I always wanted to try these, but my mom would tell me that they're a waste of time and money. I seized the opportunity last night, and bought one. It's a lion in a cage, and according to the packaging within 72 hours, he is supposed to fill the entire cage. If it doesn't work out, it was only a dollar.

Day 1, Hour 1:
Tiny. I am extremely skeptical he will ever fill the cage.

Day 2, Approximately 9 hours into the experiment:
He is noticeably larger. Maybe he will fill up the cage. Prove me wrong magic growing lion, prove me wrong.

This is not the magic growing lion. This is the face of Bumper the bulldog. I dog sat him a few weeks ago. Look at that face.

I made lemon tea bread. I didn't have a loaf pan, so I made muffins. It was delicious and incredibly easy to make. I have since purchased a loaf pan.

10 June 2009

Wednesday Playlist: Not Your BFF

Last week it was all about friendship. For the most part that's how I roll. Sometimes though, you meet people who really rub you the wrong way. Like the gas man who knocked on my kitchen window this morning within thirty seconds of me waking up. Really gas man? You have to read the meter at 7:30 a.m.? My new upstairs neighbor called you and the two of you cannot figure out where the meter is? Is it that you cannot figure it out, or that you really didn't try? Because they aren't hidden. Anyway, this week's playlist goes out to people who for whatever reason are not your BFF.

MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com

I am also thrilled to share this with you. For those of you who may not be a fan of mashups, this will change your mind. Check out 'Expialidocious' a remix of audio samples from Mary Poppins. You will want to dance. It will be in your head for the whole day, and you will love it.

09 June 2009

Where will you be October 25th?

I will be here. I feel bad filing this under 'trivial.' I should add a 'delicious' category.

Check It: TRKFLD

Bag swoon. I'm not sure what I love more, the variety of bag styles or the color options. Regardless, I want about ten TRKFLD bags. Based out of Philadelphia, Track + Field uses a material called Sunbrella for their bags. According to their site, Sunbrella is traditionally used for outdoor and marine applications, these fabrics are designed to be fade resistant, water repellent and breathable. Love that. Check out all their bags. Find your favorite, and then get me one. I'm partial to the Bobby in Costal Brick and the Marty in Dupione Paradise. While you're exploring the site, check out their blog. You know I've read it.

08 June 2009

I Made A Bench

Designing websites is fun, but there is something to be said for the random client project. Recently, I got to design a bench. It's not glamorous, but I sort of love it. If you want to see my bench in person, go here.

05 June 2009

Friday Linkage

This weekend is gearing up to be great. Natalie & I are making dinner tonight at my place. Saturday I've got a graduation party, and on Sunday I'm having lunch with a former teacher. I am happy, so happy that I've got a mess of links for you:

I want to purchase this.
Popcorn Painting
Napkin Hug
I love Zooey, but it's pretty hilarious you can download her singing the Cotton theme song.
Want this ring
My former teacher's Etsy shop
Crochet Art
Beautiful Branding
I want a spotlight

03 June 2009

World Beard and Moustache Championships

The Internet never ceases to amaze me. One minute I am obsessing over a new line of bags (which I will eventually share with you), then I click a blog link and the next thing I know I arrive at the World Beard and Moustache Championships. Yep, moustache with an o.

These are real men who lead real lives. They have family like the rest of us. They also happen to be beard and moustache champions. It's facinating, and I cannot stop staring. How much wax do you think they go through on a weekly basis?

Playlist Wednesday: BFF 4 Eva

I was listening to the radio this morning and they had a discussion about friends and the crazy things they do for each other. I enjoyed it. I have to say, I'm tight with my friends. They rock. Yes, I've gone slightly sentimental on you today, but it could be worse. You know how close I was to including the Golden Girls theme song in this? This week I give you songs about the people who make life better. To even things out maybe next week will be all about people you really want to stick it to.

Just a note, the Go! Team song is strictly instrumental, but it just sounds like friendship doesn't it? Plus it's the Go! Team. So deal with it.

Additional music news: She & Him cover a Smiths song. Love it.

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01 June 2009

My Fridge

Graphic Designer | Chicago, IL | 1-Person Household | Is shocked there is no bacon in this photo | 2009

This is a follow up to my previous post. I decided to do a photo op of my own fridge.
So there I am. Nothing too shocking or gross. We've got OJ, coffee creamer, several cheeses and lemon curd. The veggie drawer is fairly empty, just lemons & asparagus. The freezer has some berries, bread, chicken and frozen veggies. If you were looking for a seedy fridge expose, keep on looking. I'm clean.


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