23 June 2009

Flickr Office Pranks

While I don't have a flickr account, I enjoy it. I like getting links from my friends to view their images, and searching through random tags of images can practically become a pastime. I came across a group of images that were tagged as 'Office Pranks.' They are a must share. If you have cubicles at work, I'm not saying these should inspire anything. I'm just saying I hope you enjoy these images.

Tin foil office:

Wrapped Cubicle:

Balloon filled cubicle:

Rubber band telephone:

Cubicle filled with cups of water:

1 comment:

Tragic Schmagic said...

Those made me giggle. Yesterday I had to finish making a poster for "Passport Pictures" and my boss left me with a label maker. I spent some time labeling objects with various "reminders."

Picture of Nic eating a Cinnamon Roll - I <3 COSTCO ONE-HOUR PHOTO!

Windex - Caution: Poison DO NOT DRINK, may cause death.

Pencil Holder - For Your Own Safety: Do NOT catch on FIRE

I ran out of labelly paper, but I wanted to do the stapler (Use only on paper, not on self.) and the scissors (Beware: May cause bleeding).

My boss was amused.


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