19 June 2009

Friday Links & A Grown Lion

Friday love.

While I'm happy it's Friday, I can't help but feeling slightly concerned about the weather. The sky is a menacing green and it's humid. It feels like a matter of minutes before the sky just cracks open a dumps an ocean full of rain on us. Ominous I tell you. If you were in a good mood I hope I haven't gone and spoiled your Friday. I'll make it up to you. I promise. I have links :)

These shoes make my heart beat a little faster
16 Must Know Bizzare Science Facts
Super Modern Cover for an Austen novel, no?
This makes me want to press buttons
Shoes from a vending machine!
Make your own finger paint.
Love this wedding invite
Hippo Locket

Have you seen these around town? I have.
Lollapalooza schedule is up

I also have a photo update. See how good I am with the gifts? Remember my lion?
Check out how grown up his is:

As he got larger, his face really got distorted. Creeeepy eye.

Have a fabulous weekend. Stay dry today!

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