12 June 2009

Friday Links & Stop Motion Invite

It's Friday, and it has finally stopped raining. The sun is actually out, and for a change it doesn't feel gloomy. Let's celebrate! I've got some good links for you and a great video to share. It is the coolest and most original invitation for a wedding I have seen. Check out Corey and Rachel's stop motion invite. Yes, they used Vampire Weekend for the soundtrack.


Classic poetry books redesigned
Swiss Army Knife cutlery holder
Mini-Golf at Millennium Park?
Chewing gum sculptures
It's Martha endorsed and I want it
New source for prints
Great table
How many balloons would it take to lift a house?
It's pretty good
Summer Hair Inspiration

Have a fabulous weekend. I'm having a picnic. What are you up to?

1 comment:

mushroom said...

That wedding invitation is too awesome.


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