03 June 2009

Playlist Wednesday: BFF 4 Eva

I was listening to the radio this morning and they had a discussion about friends and the crazy things they do for each other. I enjoyed it. I have to say, I'm tight with my friends. They rock. Yes, I've gone slightly sentimental on you today, but it could be worse. You know how close I was to including the Golden Girls theme song in this? This week I give you songs about the people who make life better. To even things out maybe next week will be all about people you really want to stick it to.

Just a note, the Go! Team song is strictly instrumental, but it just sounds like friendship doesn't it? Plus it's the Go! Team. So deal with it.

Additional music news: She & Him cover a Smiths song. Love it.

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1 comment:

mushroom said...

I love it, but let's face it...you just wanted an excuse to show that picture.


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