22 June 2009

Tea Towel Roundup

The front of my stove has a few deep scratches in it. They drive me nuts, because there isn't much I can do about them. I've resorted to covering them up with fun tea towels. You know, those fancy towels you see at the store that aren't actually absorbent enough to use for the dishes. They just hang around and look pretty. Confession: I love them. Today, I'm sharing that love.

You Wash, I'll Dry
Gilded Birdcage Cotton Bar Towels
Chocolate Dishtowels

Rock n' Roll tea towel
Growth Spurt Dishtowel
Fancy a Brew tea towel - lime


Tragic Schmagic said...

Cute. I like "You Wash, I'll Dry" the best.

Cupcake said...

Love tea towels. I have a secret stash of them that I am collecting for when I get my own place.


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