10 June 2009

Wednesday Playlist: Not Your BFF

Last week it was all about friendship. For the most part that's how I roll. Sometimes though, you meet people who really rub you the wrong way. Like the gas man who knocked on my kitchen window this morning within thirty seconds of me waking up. Really gas man? You have to read the meter at 7:30 a.m.? My new upstairs neighbor called you and the two of you cannot figure out where the meter is? Is it that you cannot figure it out, or that you really didn't try? Because they aren't hidden. Anyway, this week's playlist goes out to people who for whatever reason are not your BFF.

MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com

I am also thrilled to share this with you. For those of you who may not be a fan of mashups, this will change your mind. Check out 'Expialidocious' a remix of audio samples from Mary Poppins. You will want to dance. It will be in your head for the whole day, and you will love it.

1 comment:

Tragic Schmagic said...

I want to boogie so much now!

I'm sorry gas man is not your friend. I have the same problem with grass cutting men and parking lot fixing men. They always make MASSIVE amounts of noise next to my windows just minutes before it's time to wake up.


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