31 July 2009

Friday Links & Mattress Dominos

I've got another baby shower tomorrow. That's my second in a month. Apparently, it's baby season. For once, there isn't much else going on. Not yet at least. I'm dog sitting the nicest doberman ever, named Abby. Maybe she & I will take a long walk. Maybe we won't and I will round up a bunch of people to attempt this:

Don't you want to play Mattress Domino's now?

Have some links and a happy weekend:
Giant Cupcake Liner
DIY shoes
Aesthetically pleasing desktops
, via paste
Worst Pants Ever

UO sells presses now
I want

More pretty necklaces
5 ways to use coffee filters for beauty
I cross-stitched when I was little, this takes me back
Hamburger Vacuum

30 July 2009

Shopping Vicariously

Let's face it, the recession is effecting everyone. We've all had to make cut backs here and there, and we have to be less frivolous when it comes to our spending habits. Instead of going out and spending scads of money I don't have on things I don't need, I've decided to shop vicariously through the Internet. I put together an entire outfit that I will never actually purchase, but makes me feel really happy when I look at it. I call this one, 'Maybe I'll stop by your Garden Party after I finish things up at the office."

Ensemble Items:
Pocket Mirror

29 July 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Chicago Lovin'

I've felt a little guilty ever since last week's playlist. I openly gushed about my love for New York City without ever realizing how it might make my hometown jealous. NYC, I love visiting you, but my heart lies in Chicago. Last week, I included songs by Ryan Adams & Frank Sinatra. They are both back and share my dual city love. I hope you share it too.

MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com

28 July 2009

Check It: The Breadou

I don't know about you, but since I work on a computer all day I have a wrist guard on my mouse pad. I'm young and do not want carpel tunnel, so it's ergonomic all the way. Most keyboard and wrist guards don't look very exciting. They're normally gray or black, very plain. If you want something a little sweeter check out The Breadou. They offer keyboard guards that look like loaves of bread and wrist guards that look like like donuts and rolls. All their products double as stress relievers. It's slightly ridiculous with a hint of awesome.

27 July 2009

Perfect Pandas Cures All

The weekend brought some stress, so this morning I am going to smother everyone with cute. If life has taught me anything it's that there is nothing cuter than a panda. PerfectPandas.com is a site devoted all things panda. Yes, will find your standard share of cutesy pictures and videos. Beyond that you will find solid gold, my friend. Shaq with a panda? So awkward. Giant panda made of hay? So creepy. Best of all, panda bread. Bread with a panda face inside. I want to bake it. I want to make sandwiches with it. I have to do it. The recipe is translated from a Japanese site, so all the measurements are in grams. Some converting will be involved, but you will be updated.

24 July 2009

I cleaned the apartment with poison.

Last night, I wanted to clean the office and living room. I grabbed the furniture polish and went to work. I didn't understand why the polish wasn't coming out in it's normal spray, it was more of a direct stream. I kept cleaning though. One bookshelf and two tables later, the dust was gone, but something didn't sit right with me. Everything smelt lemon fresh, but it didn't look right. I glanced at the polish and it wasn't polish. It was Raid! I accidentally cleaned the apartment with poison!

About a month ago, I had some ants by the back door. I bought Raid, but I got the lemon-scented version. Why shouldn't my poison smell like sunshine? I called my parents in slight hysterics and asked them what I should do. After they stopped laughing, they made some helpful suggestions. I used warm soapy water and didn't eat off the bookshelf. Seeing as I am alive today, everything worked out.
Lesson learned: If you do decide to purchase lemon-scented poison do not keep it near your other cleaning products.

I am going to celebrate being alive with a weekend of potentially epic proportions. Saturday the ladies and I are going to a charity event for Shedd Aquarium on Venetian Night. We get dressed up, watch fireworks and then dance till we can't dance anymore. We went two years ago and are ready for round two. Sunday my parents are coming to visit. At some point between now and Sunday afternoon I have to get rid of any poison residue.

I hope you get to see the Venetian Night fireworks this weekend, and I hope you enjoy for Friday links:

Mustache salt & pepper shaker
Giant solar flowers
Free Thank You card template
Its not a rocking chair, its a rocking stool
Hedgehog journal
Buehrle pitched a perfect game!
Alice In Wonderland Trailor
PB & J Pillows
World's largest cupcake feeds thousands
Anthropologie forecasts lots of purple

23 July 2009

Wedding Entrance Dance

This is THE BEST walk down the isle ever. EVER.

Paper Dogs & Googling

I've got a few pictures to share with you today. I reference my friends often when I write, but it's only because they are awesome. Natalie spent the bulk of last weekend with me, and she left behind a few additions to my place. I miss having a dog, but she seems to have rectified the situation with the tiny paper dogs she left everywhere. I enjoy when people visit. Here are two of her leave behinds:

I also have the second installment of "Things I Googled Today" for you. These are things I actually Googled yesterday, but there is some good stuff here:

angry hippo
cat face
Adam West batman
Chipotle quesadilla
how to liquid liner
Gwen Stefani makeup
Ellis Island

22 July 2009

Playlist Wednesday: I Heart NYC

Keeping with yesterday's New York inspired post, how about a New York based playlist? This one came together easily. The are dozens upon dozens of songs written about The Big Apple. People love it. I won't deny them, I love it too.

MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com

Have you seen Coldplay's new video for 'Strawberry Swing'? If not CLICK HERE. Chris Martin is a superhero, and he fights a squirrel.

21 July 2009

20 July 2009

Check It: Freya Art & Design

These prints make the beginning of the week easier to bear. While I love the colors, illustrations and hand drawn type, the quotes are what really get me. You know I have a soft spot for optimists. Check out Freya's site and her etsy shop.

I love balloons and confetti.

More elaborate post coming soon, but how great is this picture? Natalie & I caught The Flaming Lips at Pitchfork last night. It was as much fun as it looks.

17 July 2009

Letter to the Weekend

Dear Weekend,

I am pumped for you. You are bringing me an outdoor Shakespeare play, some of the Pitchfork Festival and fabulous people. It's going to be aces. In return for the fantastic things you bring, I'm going to supply you with links to occupy part of your day and bring a measure of entertainment.

P.S. Can you make sure the mosquitoes stay away? Thank you in advance. You're the best.

Vintage eye-ware
Paula Dean, I might love you
Interactive Muppet guide
Well designed notebooks
Baker's Bling
Chicago Outdoor Film Festival
Rice Paddy Crop Art
Fruit-shaped sticky notes
Guess what opens today?
I like this print

16 July 2009

Raccoons & Bags

Story first, sharing of gorgeous things second.

Last night, I took the trash out. In order to get to my garbage cans in the alley, I have to go through a locked gate. This is great for security purposes, but even though there is a gate I'm still cautious of my surroundings and watch out for people. The key word is people. I was not aware that in the city I'd have to watch out for giant raccoons that perch themselves on top of my gate. When I walked through the gate, the raccoon got scared and ran. This scared me, and I ran. There were raccoon noises and Amanda noises. It was a mess. Once I realized what it was, I was fine. I'm not actually afraid of raccoons, I was just caught very off guard. Never again, my furry friend. Now I know where you hang out.

On to a totally unrelated, but nevertheless important, topic- bags! I've never been a leather bag kind of girl. It's not my thing. Recently, friends have started to sway my opinion on this topic. Then I came across this little number. I already have a soft spot for messengers and all things green. I didn't have a chance against this bag. Even my new friend, the raccoon, likes it. Paws off, mister. I saw it first.

15 July 2009

Playlist Wednesday: On Repeat

It's Playlist Wednesday! It's Playlist Wednesday! It's Playlist Wednesday!
That was rather annoying now, wasn't it? No one wants to read the same thing several times in a row, so what makes musicians think I want to hear the same words over and over in a song? Somehow, when it's set to music, it's not as bad. This week features songs that are short on lyrical variety but big on beats.

MySpace Music Playlist at MixPod.com

14 July 2009

Pug Post

If this doesn't make you laugh, even just a little, I'm not sure we can continue our relationship.

13 July 2009

Check It: Loxii

Sorry for the late post today. I've actually been busy and productive, go figure. I'm gearing up for another busy week, but I still have things to share. Wall decals! I've got good ones. Loxii.com is a great source for unique decals. I am particularly fond of the ones by designer Samantha Hahn. Bicycle wheels, old fashioned frames and brocades- she speaks my language.

Enter Loxii's contest by creating your own wall graphics for a chance to win cash and a commission every time your design is sold. Aaaah, community involvement. It warms my heart.

10 July 2009

Friday Linkage & No Doubt Love

Friday never comes soon enough. I hope your weekend will be amazing. I've got a wedding tonight and I'm going to see No Doubt tomorrow. Paramore is opening for them. I am riddled with excitement. It's going to rock like no body's business.

A little old school No Doubt for you, and some links:

Gorgeous dessert plates
Cheeseburger cupcake
Typography jewlery
Money word to use this weekend to impress people: Abstruse
How to fold a fitted sheet
Top 5 Awesomely Bizarre Modern Homes
Crazy cool sisters
For my designers, free fonts
I love Urban, but this is wrong
Best Day Ever Card

09 July 2009

Check It: Timeless Vintage Vixen

So I'm sitting at my computer, easing into my morning. I'm perusing my normal sites, when it hits me. Bam! Etsy perfection. Timless Vintage Vixen is down right amazing. Look at these dresses. There is not a single one I don't want to wear (maybe this one). This site makes me want to have hoards of cash, buy them out and then look fabulous everyday.

08 July 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Hold the Applause, Please

Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for clapping songs. It's hard to follow a cowbell themed list, but I feel like clapping songs can hold their own. This week we've got some great rhythmic clapping in "Cecilia," a steady constant clap in "Catch My Disease" and those much anticipated claps at the beginning of "I'll Be There For You." I know what you're thinking, The Rembrandts, Amanda? Really? You put The Rembrandts on a list with The Clash and Simon and Garfunkel. Yes, I did. That's how I roll. I dare you to listen to "I'll Be There For You" and not want to clap. It serves it's purpose. Not enjoy and get clapping!

MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com

07 July 2009

Ancestry.com or How I Descended from a Bear-Loving Monk

I recently discovered ancestry.com. The site enables you to build family trees and research your genealogy. Sounds fun. I decided to see what I can find out.

My initial entry was Havlik. This lead me to:
Czech (HavlĂ­k): from a pet form of Havel.
So far, so good. I know it's Czech. But Havel? Tell me more.

Havel Name Meaning and History:
1. Czech: from the personal name Havel (see Gall).
2. French: metonymic occupational name from Old French haf ‘hook’, ‘pickaxe’.

3. Dutch: metonymic occupational name from Middle Dutch houweel, hauweel ‘hoe’, ‘mattock’, ‘pick’, diminutive of Old Dutch hauwa.

I wish I was French. Amanda Pickaxe? Awesome. However, the first entry applies to me. Gall?

Czech, etc.: from a personal name (Gallus in Latin) which was widespread in Europe during the Middle Ages, due to the cult of a 7th-century Irish monk and missionary, St. Gall. He established a Christian settlement to the south of Lake Constance, which became the monastery later known as St. Gallen. His name was taken into Czech as Havel and into Polish as Gawel.

I looked up St. Gall on wikipedia. Sounds like standard Saint stuff, but one bit was interesting. "At the command of the saint, a bear brought wood to feed the fire which Gall and his companions had kindled in the forest." He commanded bears?

To be honest, I don't feel like I've learned a thing about my family history. It was a goose chase of links that left me confused. I am disappointed ancestry.com. It could have been great.

06 July 2009

Check It: Grammar Girl

I've got a fun new site for you. It's fun if you like grammar. Grammar Girl offers "Quick and Dirty Tips For Better Writing." Love it. Do you need a refresher course on things like who versus whom, comma splicing or want basic some proofreading tips? I know I do. Sign up for a grammar tip of the day, and don't miss the online shop. Word nerds unite!

03 July 2009

Friday Links & Fireworks

I've got the day off today. I'm pretty excited. After some general cleaning up, I may go shopping. Before I go, I have links to share. Have a fabulous weekend, I hope you get to see fireworks.

What Britain Eats
Goldfish bathplug
30 Ways to Keep Cool this Summer
I want this milk bottle
Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies
Beautiful site, beautiful paper
Ooooh yes, Paper Source has a blog now
Intense pancakes
Love this poster
New interview with Chris Martin

02 July 2009

Penguin Book Covers

We've talked book covers before. We are doing it again. This time it's all Penguin Book Covers. Penguin produces fantastic covers. I'm mad for them.

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair
The story is gritty. It's full of heartbreak and exposes the seedy underbelly of the meatpacking industry. It's in your face. What's more in your face than a cow face?

The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights by John Steinbeck
These illustrations remind me of the King and Queen from a deck of cards. Not in an annoying, 'you have to play endless rounds of Go Fish' way, more of a 'you wish playing cards was this awesome' type of way.

Common Sense by Thomas Paine
One word: Letterpressed

The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster
I've never read any part of the New York Trilogy. But with a cover design from Art Spieglman, I really want to.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Other Jazz Age Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald
I hate when books get stickers on them saying that they inspired motion pictures. It was a book first, don't read it because it makes you think about Brad Pitt. Read it because it's a classic. However, one look at the silhouette of those man-baby legs coming out of the carriage and all is forgiven.

If that wasn't enough to make you love Penguin, did you know you can design your own book cover? Design Swoon.

01 July 2009

Things I Googled Today

Streams of thought fascinate me. We switch topics and thought processes dozens of times a day. It's hard to keep track of how we even get from one to the next.

I use Google throughout my day. Periodically, I catch myself glancing at the Google tool bar, and wonder why I looked that last word up. At the time, there was a reason. I just checked my search history for today. In a potential new feature, I give you Things I Googled Today.

Things I Googled today, most recent is first:
my apartment address
Jasper Fforde
Aurora Outlet Mall
Estuary English Accent
Penguin Book Covers
funny squirrel
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Electric Light Orchestra
law firms

What did you Google today?

Playlist Wednesday: More Cowbell

It kills me when I overlook the obvious. Some things in life are blatantly obvious. Hit you with a ton of bricks, slap you in the face, jump up and shake you obvious. I have managed to compile a playlist every week for the past few months and somehow I overlooked the obvious. My friends, it is time for a cowbell playlist.

MySpace Music Playlist at MixPod.com


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