31 July 2009

Friday Links & Mattress Dominos

I've got another baby shower tomorrow. That's my second in a month. Apparently, it's baby season. For once, there isn't much else going on. Not yet at least. I'm dog sitting the nicest doberman ever, named Abby. Maybe she & I will take a long walk. Maybe we won't and I will round up a bunch of people to attempt this:

Don't you want to play Mattress Domino's now?

Have some links and a happy weekend:
Giant Cupcake Liner
DIY shoes
Aesthetically pleasing desktops
, via paste
Worst Pants Ever

UO sells presses now
I want

More pretty necklaces
5 ways to use coffee filters for beauty
I cross-stitched when I was little, this takes me back
Hamburger Vacuum

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