24 July 2009

I cleaned the apartment with poison.

Last night, I wanted to clean the office and living room. I grabbed the furniture polish and went to work. I didn't understand why the polish wasn't coming out in it's normal spray, it was more of a direct stream. I kept cleaning though. One bookshelf and two tables later, the dust was gone, but something didn't sit right with me. Everything smelt lemon fresh, but it didn't look right. I glanced at the polish and it wasn't polish. It was Raid! I accidentally cleaned the apartment with poison!

About a month ago, I had some ants by the back door. I bought Raid, but I got the lemon-scented version. Why shouldn't my poison smell like sunshine? I called my parents in slight hysterics and asked them what I should do. After they stopped laughing, they made some helpful suggestions. I used warm soapy water and didn't eat off the bookshelf. Seeing as I am alive today, everything worked out.
Lesson learned: If you do decide to purchase lemon-scented poison do not keep it near your other cleaning products.

I am going to celebrate being alive with a weekend of potentially epic proportions. Saturday the ladies and I are going to a charity event for Shedd Aquarium on Venetian Night. We get dressed up, watch fireworks and then dance till we can't dance anymore. We went two years ago and are ready for round two. Sunday my parents are coming to visit. At some point between now and Sunday afternoon I have to get rid of any poison residue.

I hope you get to see the Venetian Night fireworks this weekend, and I hope you enjoy for Friday links:

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