23 July 2009

Paper Dogs & Googling

I've got a few pictures to share with you today. I reference my friends often when I write, but it's only because they are awesome. Natalie spent the bulk of last weekend with me, and she left behind a few additions to my place. I miss having a dog, but she seems to have rectified the situation with the tiny paper dogs she left everywhere. I enjoy when people visit. Here are two of her leave behinds:

I also have the second installment of "Things I Googled Today" for you. These are things I actually Googled yesterday, but there is some good stuff here:

angry hippo
cat face
Adam West batman
Chipotle quesadilla
how to liquid liner
Gwen Stefani makeup
Ellis Island

1 comment:

peaches said...

Where's Tubes? Are Morty & Scraps still discriminating against her because she's a parapalegic?


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