27 July 2009

Perfect Pandas Cures All

The weekend brought some stress, so this morning I am going to smother everyone with cute. If life has taught me anything it's that there is nothing cuter than a panda. PerfectPandas.com is a site devoted all things panda. Yes, will find your standard share of cutesy pictures and videos. Beyond that you will find solid gold, my friend. Shaq with a panda? So awkward. Giant panda made of hay? So creepy. Best of all, panda bread. Bread with a panda face inside. I want to bake it. I want to make sandwiches with it. I have to do it. The recipe is translated from a Japanese site, so all the measurements are in grams. Some converting will be involved, but you will be updated.

1 comment:

Tragic Schmagic said...

OH MY EVERYTHING. This just made my day.


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