16 July 2009

Raccoons & Bags

Story first, sharing of gorgeous things second.

Last night, I took the trash out. In order to get to my garbage cans in the alley, I have to go through a locked gate. This is great for security purposes, but even though there is a gate I'm still cautious of my surroundings and watch out for people. The key word is people. I was not aware that in the city I'd have to watch out for giant raccoons that perch themselves on top of my gate. When I walked through the gate, the raccoon got scared and ran. This scared me, and I ran. There were raccoon noises and Amanda noises. It was a mess. Once I realized what it was, I was fine. I'm not actually afraid of raccoons, I was just caught very off guard. Never again, my furry friend. Now I know where you hang out.

On to a totally unrelated, but nevertheless important, topic- bags! I've never been a leather bag kind of girl. It's not my thing. Recently, friends have started to sway my opinion on this topic. Then I came across this little number. I already have a soft spot for messengers and all things green. I didn't have a chance against this bag. Even my new friend, the raccoon, likes it. Paws off, mister. I saw it first.


Apple said...

You're welcome :)

mushroom said...

It took me the longest to figure out what was above the bag. A mannequin...I would have never guessed. The angle was strange.


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