31 August 2009

Great Weekend & My Fall Wish List

I went on a twenty-mile bike ride, caulked a window, drove a pickup truck and sat around a fire pit this weekend. I'd call it a success. I also went grocery shopping last night and have filled the house with delicious, non processed foods. Lots of whole grains, sugar in the raw, fruits and veggies. Look at me! It's only day one. We'll see what happens by the end of the week.

In other news, it's felt like fall for the past few days. I have a fall wish list, and I am going to share. I'm not including links with these, because I don't have specifics items in mind. I know I want black suede boots, but I don't know which black suede boots I want. Regardless, here is my wish list:

Black suede boots
More cardigans!
Skinny belts

Keep in mind this is a wish list. I may do a closet raid and figure out how to use what I have to accomplish some of these looks. Enough about me, what's on your fall wish list?

28 August 2009

Friday Fiesta

It's F-F-Friday! It's been a busy week, guys. My housesitting job this weekend canceled, and I'm pretty thankful. Not so sure I could handle more at this point. My teenager supervising is going smoothly- lots of cooking and movies. Tomorrow is bike riding with the girls. It is the last summer activity in the long list that we planned. I'm picking up Marks truck to transport the bikes in. That's right, I'm driving a pickup truck.
Next up, fall! I already know there will be camping with the Raschkes and unassigned territory with the Strickels. I'd like to go horseback riding at some point. I've never ridden a horse but I have ridden an elephant. What's up with that? Next week is my healthy week. I don't want to eat any processed foods. The blog may become my food journal. We'll see what happens. Anyway, I hope your weekends are wonderful, and here are some links to get everything rolling:

I love these prints.
101 Salads
Renegade is coming!
Best house ever.
Gorgeous mailers
4 Beauty Uses for Honey
Lion Cookie Jar
It's like a year of gluttony
Studio Tips
New cloth-bound Penguin Classics!

27 August 2009

Shopping Vicariously: My Daddy was a Lumberjack...

It's like fall outside today. I want to wear plaid, drink things from a thermos and go camping. When I do go camping, it's not about fashion. I'm hiking and sleeping in a tent. This is not the time to be super chic. Yet, I'd like to think that somewhere out there is a woman who is fashionable and one with the great outdoors. If such a woman exists, I'd like to think this is what she wears. I called it, "My daddy is a lumberjack, and my momma is a fashionista."


25 August 2009

The Going Ons

Sorry for the delay in posts. Posts may be a bit sparse this week. I'm busy with all sorts of things.

News you should know:

- NYC was amazing. Crazy humid and hot weather. The Hamptons are wonderful. Our flight home was delayed by 3.5 hours. Pictures soon.
- I am going to resign my lease in a few weeks. It's been almost a year since I moved. Whaaaat?
- I am staying with Hannah this week. That means I have my very own teenager to take care of.
- Next week, I am going to try and not eat any processed foods. It will be an experiment and you will be informed of everything.
- Bike ride this Saturday with the girls, I still have flat tires
- Finally, I crave this coat. It speaks to me.

23 August 2009

3 hour flight delay. Soooo tired.
Flight delayed by 45 min. Booo.
We ended with a stroll through Central Park, saw Strawberry Fields and the Bellevedere Castle. Waiting at LaGuardia now for a few hours. The flight is delayed.
Spending the morning at the MET, then off to meet Dionne again for a ride to the airport.

22 August 2009

Heard by the same child: if i jumped into the sea, i would fight a shark. I've got muscles that fight for me.
Heard by british child on the ferry: When I get home, I'm going to play with my robots.
After a morning of getting rerouted by express trains, we are finally on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Guggenheim later.

20 August 2009

Going to watch Catch Me If You Can in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Brooklyn is a sweaty mess, but I like it. Our room has a see through shower. Huh? Dinner with Dionne @ 5, then a movie in the park.
Awoke @ 5:30 am at Sherrys. On the way to OHare. It pains me to be awake.

19 August 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Easy As 123

It's no secret that I am not a math whiz. I am quite open regarding my abusive relationship with numbers. In school, Geometry was the only math I enjoyed. It was all pictures, I could visualize it. Though I did okay in the class, Calculus was mind numbing. Numbers do not speak to me. In fact, they shut me up. Apparently, they speak to a number of musicians since there are a number of songs (ha, get it 'number') with numerical titles.

Bright and early tomorrow morning I leave for New York. I will be back in action come Monday. As with my last vacation, if something interesting happens, I'll mobile blog it. Have a fabulous week!

MySpace Music Playlist at MixPod.com

18 August 2009

Etsy Find

I got something on etsy! I've been looking at canister sets for a while and these make me soo happy. They are cookbook canisters. There are four of them: coffee, tea, sugar and flour. They will arrive in about a week. I'll post pics of them in their new home.

17 August 2009

Shopping Vicariously: "I can't talk honey..."

I leave for NYC in three days. I am officially in I have too many things to do before I leave mode. Lists and post its are keeping my sanity in tact. Pre-vacation mode has inspired me to go for another round of Shopping Vicariously. This one is for the frantic business woman. I call it, “I can’t talk honey, I have to somehow figure out how to get the value add fund by EOD, tie up two accounts by COB, build rapport with three new employees and finish this synergy presentation.”

Silk bow top
Power bag
Cord pencil skirt
Moleskin graphed notebook
Hair Clip
To do folders

14 August 2009

Friday Links and Pending Madness

I'm putting this out there. In the next two weeks, I may die of schedule overload. Ready for this?

Tonight, I've got the movies with Natalie. Tomorrow is Great America. Sunday there is a jaunt out to Aurora to investigate something at the outlet mall. Then it's three days of work. In those three days I need to pack and pick up the big suitcase from my parents. Thursday-Sunday it's NYC time. We fly back in Sunday night. Monday-Friday I am staying in Palos with Hannah. Saturday is a bike trip and Saturday-Sunday I am condo /cat sitting. Come Monday I die of exhaustion. Did I mention my bike has flat tires? I need to get my tires fixed too. If my posting lacks any wry sensibility and is dribble, please stick with me kids. It will improve. I might start seeing flying biscuits like the picture above, but it will all work out. I want to say I've had more intense schedules before.

Let the madness begin with some Friday linkage!
450 lb jellyfish

"She is tolerable" mug
Bracelet swoon
Printable lists for you
Weird chip flavors
Acrylic Filigree Wine Glasses
Monkey Sundress
The new IKEA catalog is out!
Makes me laugh

13 August 2009

The cashier at Old Navy has my exact glasses and is wearing a cardigan I own. She looks good, but it's a little scary.

Check It: Hu2 Design

I've been obsessed with wall decals for a while now. I am finally giving in and getting one. I've been looking at chandelier decals, similar to this one. It would go above my couch, I'll keep you updated.

Hu2 Design has some very clever decals. I didn't know you could put decals on a fridge, or that they make chalkboard decals. In, particular I love the mouse hole. If my chandelier decal goes well, I may consider the mouse hole. The jukebox is great, but it looks a lot like R2D2. Take a look through their site, and get ideas. Hu2 Design is a UK based company. Never fear, they ship internationally.

12 August 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Oh La La

I bet you didn't know The Beatles recorded 'She Loves You' in German. They recorded 'I Want to Your Hand' in German too. You might think that's ridiculous, but did you know Johnny Cash did it too? He recorded 'Walk the Line' or, 'Wer kennt den Weg' in German. During the '60s lots of popular artists were approached to record their songs in a different language to expand their fan base in other countries. Today, it's not as strange to hear popular artists sing in a different language or hear a song in a different language become more popular. I just picked up the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack and it features Carla Bruni, the now First Lady of France. A few years back the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack featured Rufus Wainwright singing Complainte du la Brutte. If you take a look, songs in different languages are all over popular American culture. It's fantastic.

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10 August 2009

Celebrity Itunes Playlist Love

I love itunes celebrity playlists. Music provides a fascinating look into someone's life. A playlist should be all about the music, why someone thinks a song is great and why I should too. Some celebrities take the playlist as an opportunity to plug themselves like mad. Five out of the thirteen songs on William Shatner's list are his own. Beyonce has an equally bad playlist. Out of the nine songs on her list, one is her own, one is her sisters, one is her husbands and one is her former band-mates. Way to promote, Beyonce. The worst playlist award goes to Nicole Kidman. Not for self-promotion, but for her inability to give coherent song descriptions. She gives two songs the same description of 'would listen to in car.' Oh, Nicole, that's not even a full sentence. It get's better though. A third song gets "would listen to in car on the drive out to location." You are married to a musician, this is the best you can do?

If you have not taken a close look at the Celebrity Playlists, give it a try. Not all the lists are trainwrecks. John Krazinski, among others, has a fabulous one. (I knew behind those dashing good looks he had a brain) You might find a new favorite song, band or just a good laugh.

06 August 2009

Orange Roundup

The internet is crawling this morning. Bah. Posting this is taking forever, it's like an exercise in patience. Moving on, I keep seeing orange in the stores. Perhaps it's the new 'it' color, perhaps I am just finally noticing it every where. Regardless, all these items are great. Orange you glad I am doing this roundup? Come on, you had to of seen that one coming.

Candy Colored Sunglasses
Takeout appetizer plate
Sunset tie blouse
Crystal symphony bracelet
Poppy Riveted Suitcases
Atlas tapestry

Also, no posts from me tomorrow, I will be out of town.

05 August 2009

Sneeze Yawn

Today at work I yawned. While I was mid-yawn I sneezed. The resulting noise scared everyone. I sounded like an elephant.

Playlist Wednesday: Dance to the Music

I don't feel one hundred percent today. I woke up with a headache and really blah. I attempt to combat this by making a playlist about something that makes me happy- dancing. Dancing makes people happy. It doesn't matter if you know what you're doing or not, dancing is all about fun. It's so much fun that musicians write songs about it. When you think about it, dancing to a song about dancing to a song, it's like breaking a forth wall... right? What, it's not? Whatever, I tried. Like I said, I don't feel good. Feel free to add your own copy in the comments section and make me sound more coherent.

MySpace Playlist at MixPod.com

04 August 2009

Zooey's Summer List

I went on a sugar bender over the weekend. Things got ugly. Pangs of guilt caused me to purchase a copy of Self magazine. Well, pangs of guilt and the fact that Zooey Deschanel graced the cover. To promote her movie 500 Days of Summer she compiled a list of 31 fun summer activities. It's only August, so if you feel like your summer isn't up to snuff get started with this list. I am proud to say that I've done quite a few already. Even if you want to accomplish nothing this summer, read this list. Zooey is very funny, and her personality comes through in the writing.

03 August 2009

Shopping Vicariously: Tell Bitsy I wont be able to make it to the Clam Bake...

I had a lot of fun constructing Thursday's Shopping Vicariously post. I had so much fun that it's already time for another. In honor of my upcoming New York trip and day excursion to the Hamptons, I call this one: Tell Bitsy I wont be able to make it to the Clam Bake, Grandmother demands we have tea.

Ensemble Items:
tea cup


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