10 August 2009

Celebrity Itunes Playlist Love

I love itunes celebrity playlists. Music provides a fascinating look into someone's life. A playlist should be all about the music, why someone thinks a song is great and why I should too. Some celebrities take the playlist as an opportunity to plug themselves like mad. Five out of the thirteen songs on William Shatner's list are his own. Beyonce has an equally bad playlist. Out of the nine songs on her list, one is her own, one is her sisters, one is her husbands and one is her former band-mates. Way to promote, Beyonce. The worst playlist award goes to Nicole Kidman. Not for self-promotion, but for her inability to give coherent song descriptions. She gives two songs the same description of 'would listen to in car.' Oh, Nicole, that's not even a full sentence. It get's better though. A third song gets "would listen to in car on the drive out to location." You are married to a musician, this is the best you can do?

If you have not taken a close look at the Celebrity Playlists, give it a try. Not all the lists are trainwrecks. John Krazinski, among others, has a fabulous one. (I knew behind those dashing good looks he had a brain) You might find a new favorite song, band or just a good laugh.

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