28 August 2009

Friday Fiesta

It's F-F-Friday! It's been a busy week, guys. My housesitting job this weekend canceled, and I'm pretty thankful. Not so sure I could handle more at this point. My teenager supervising is going smoothly- lots of cooking and movies. Tomorrow is bike riding with the girls. It is the last summer activity in the long list that we planned. I'm picking up Marks truck to transport the bikes in. That's right, I'm driving a pickup truck.
Next up, fall! I already know there will be camping with the Raschkes and unassigned territory with the Strickels. I'd like to go horseback riding at some point. I've never ridden a horse but I have ridden an elephant. What's up with that? Next week is my healthy week. I don't want to eat any processed foods. The blog may become my food journal. We'll see what happens. Anyway, I hope your weekends are wonderful, and here are some links to get everything rolling:

I love these prints.
101 Salads
Renegade is coming!
Best house ever.
Gorgeous mailers
4 Beauty Uses for Honey
Lion Cookie Jar
It's like a year of gluttony
Studio Tips
New cloth-bound Penguin Classics!

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mushroom said...

My printmaking teacher just told us about printeresting.com and she was really excited about it in class.


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