31 August 2009

Great Weekend & My Fall Wish List

I went on a twenty-mile bike ride, caulked a window, drove a pickup truck and sat around a fire pit this weekend. I'd call it a success. I also went grocery shopping last night and have filled the house with delicious, non processed foods. Lots of whole grains, sugar in the raw, fruits and veggies. Look at me! It's only day one. We'll see what happens by the end of the week.

In other news, it's felt like fall for the past few days. I have a fall wish list, and I am going to share. I'm not including links with these, because I don't have specifics items in mind. I know I want black suede boots, but I don't know which black suede boots I want. Regardless, here is my wish list:

Black suede boots
More cardigans!
Skinny belts

Keep in mind this is a wish list. I may do a closet raid and figure out how to use what I have to accomplish some of these looks. Enough about me, what's on your fall wish list?

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