14 August 2009

Friday Links and Pending Madness

I'm putting this out there. In the next two weeks, I may die of schedule overload. Ready for this?

Tonight, I've got the movies with Natalie. Tomorrow is Great America. Sunday there is a jaunt out to Aurora to investigate something at the outlet mall. Then it's three days of work. In those three days I need to pack and pick up the big suitcase from my parents. Thursday-Sunday it's NYC time. We fly back in Sunday night. Monday-Friday I am staying in Palos with Hannah. Saturday is a bike trip and Saturday-Sunday I am condo /cat sitting. Come Monday I die of exhaustion. Did I mention my bike has flat tires? I need to get my tires fixed too. If my posting lacks any wry sensibility and is dribble, please stick with me kids. It will improve. I might start seeing flying biscuits like the picture above, but it will all work out. I want to say I've had more intense schedules before.

Let the madness begin with some Friday linkage!
450 lb jellyfish

"She is tolerable" mug
Bracelet swoon
Printable lists for you
Weird chip flavors
Acrylic Filigree Wine Glasses
Monkey Sundress
The new IKEA catalog is out!
Makes me laugh

1 comment:

Tragic Schmagic said...

I hope you make it out alive! Remember to have fun while making your way through your intense schedule!


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