12 August 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Oh La La

I bet you didn't know The Beatles recorded 'She Loves You' in German. They recorded 'I Want to Your Hand' in German too. You might think that's ridiculous, but did you know Johnny Cash did it too? He recorded 'Walk the Line' or, 'Wer kennt den Weg' in German. During the '60s lots of popular artists were approached to record their songs in a different language to expand their fan base in other countries. Today, it's not as strange to hear popular artists sing in a different language or hear a song in a different language become more popular. I just picked up the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack and it features Carla Bruni, the now First Lady of France. A few years back the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack featured Rufus Wainwright singing Complainte du la Brutte. If you take a look, songs in different languages are all over popular American culture. It's fantastic.

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