04 August 2009

Zooey's Summer List

I went on a sugar bender over the weekend. Things got ugly. Pangs of guilt caused me to purchase a copy of Self magazine. Well, pangs of guilt and the fact that Zooey Deschanel graced the cover. To promote her movie 500 Days of Summer she compiled a list of 31 fun summer activities. It's only August, so if you feel like your summer isn't up to snuff get started with this list. I am proud to say that I've done quite a few already. Even if you want to accomplish nothing this summer, read this list. Zooey is very funny, and her personality comes through in the writing.

1 comment:

Meeshoo said...

slip n slide as an adult...not a good idea. somehow when you're adult size flinging yourself onto the ground with only a thin sheet of plastic between you and hardness really hurts!


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