04 September 2009

Design Revelation + Links

Yesterday I had a design revelation. I still want my chandelier wall decal. However, I don't like the idea if purchasing it, putting it on my wall and then moving a year later. There is no taking it off and on again, it's too permanent on the wall. Well, I don't have to put it on the wall! I want to put it on a mirror. As long as the mirror and the decal are similar in dimensions I think its going to look fantastic! It won't go down for a few weeks, but when it does photos are guaranteed.

Since it's Friday, how about some linkage to get your weekend going?

Sand restaurant
Pictorial Websters
Dress love
Chalkboard decals
In love with this tea packaging
Couture Muppets?
Flat pets
7 reasons your breath may stink, even though you brush
Play here

I hope you find something interesting there, and I hope you enjoy your three-day weekend!

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