11 September 2009

Friday Links & Sensory Overload

Happy Friday! I am ready for a weekend of sensory overload. Tomorrow, my mom and I are going to IKEA. We go once or twice and year, and it's always a blast. In my mom's words, "I have a frozen pizza for your father. He can fend for himself. We are going out." Oh, mom.

What could be more exciting than IKEA? This weekend is also the Renegade Craft Fair! Natalie and I are going on Sunday. This will be our third year attending the DIY extravaganza. Last year the rain came down in buckets for Renegade and half the vendors didn't show up. We are looking are clear skys this weekend, so crafts away!

I hope your weekend is great. Why not start it off by seeing what I found on the good old Internet this week:

Must bake these
Sorry, Anthropologie, but this is creepy
Jacket Love
Banana hanger?
Cheesy doormat
Free Opera Friday
Now I want ribbon
Color coded stairs
Encyclopedia of typefaces
How 20 popular sites looked when they launched

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