14 September 2009

Glee Inspired Roundup

It was a good weekend. I got my down comforter from IKEA and had a blast at Renegade with Natalie. I didn't get much at the fair, but I did purchase a checkbook cover from Cake Spy. Check out her Etsy shop for all sorts of cupcake fun.

On to today's topic at hand. I caught last week's episode of Glee and actress Jayma Mays plays the school's guidance counselor. She wears amazing clothes and accessories on the show. Last week she wore a beaded necklace with a large flower on it:

I love it. I am obsessed with it. I did a little homework and found a few similar ones on Etsy. So how about a Glee inspired roundup?

Orange Poppy & Saphire Blue
Imogen Necklace
Out of the Blue Necklace
Red Rose & Turquoise
Purple & Pearl Dahlia
Coal & Ivory

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