23 September 2009

Playlist Wednesday: Musicians Think Fall Is Sad

We are two days into fall. How is everyone doing? If you aren't taking the transition well, I've found you are not alone.

Everyone loves summer. It's all sunshine and good times. Fall is great though. However, when I looked for fall songs, it became more depressing than I anticipated. Dead leaves on the Dirty Ground? Wake me up when September ends? It's all a bit bleak. Apparently, the music community and I do not agree about Autumn. Who doesn't love crunching leaves under their feet? How has no one written a song about that? Am I in the minority by saying fall is my favorite season, or is fall just not exciting enough to have happy songs written about it? I'm not sure, but if I find happier fall songs, I'll share them. Until then, I give you my "Musicians Think Fall is Sad" playlist.

Because this couldn't be 100% depressing, I found a much happier playlist. Paste Magazine put together a love themed playlist inspired by Zooey & Ben getting married. You know I had to share it. Listen here.

1 comment:

mushroom said...

Fall is my favorite too. You are not alone.

Zooey Gibbard, awwwww!


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