03 September 2009

Reasons I Shouldn't Be Cranky Today

It might be one of those mornings. I'm cranky, there was no parking at all this morning and my quarterly taxes are due soon. At this point, I'm not entirely convinced today is going to work out. Prove, me wrong Thursday, prove me wrong. I might as well be proactive about it, in an attempt to ward off the cranky here are a few things that might work.

1. Watching this. Hall & Oates + Joseph Gordon-Levitt + Animated bird = Much less cranky

2. Thinking about IKEA. I know. Material possessions to not make for happy, but my mom and I are going on our annual IKEA trip in a few weeks. I love, love going through the mock kitchens and living rooms and pretending like I live there. I want a down comforter to keep me extra warm this winter. Plus, I love watching my mom at IKEA, she's like a little kid with sensory overload. Here is the current IKEA wish list:

Down comforter
Duvet cover
Replacement rug for the bathroom
Saute pan with lid

New plants
Trash bin for bathroom

3. My food experiment is going really well. I had grilled chicken and broccoli last night. Breakfast has been organic milk & granola with a banana. So far, I feel the same, but I like knowing I'm only putting good things in my body.

4. Remembering it's Thursday! Just one more day and then it's the weekend. A three-day weekend at that. Ahhh, so much better now.

1 comment:

Tragic Schmagic said...

Reason #23.62 to never be cranky: Small fluffy animals.


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