22 September 2009

Shopping Vicariously: Secretly, I'm A Crazy Cat Lady

First impressions are interesting. A person may appear collected and put together, but you never know what kind of crazy they have tucked away. Sometimes you need to spend time with people before their quirks some out. In honor of all things quirky, I've got another Shopping Vicariously for you. This party ensemble has a deep, dark secret. Initially, you might think the owner is ready for a night out, that's she's a regular party girl. Nope. I call it, "Secretly, I am a crazy cat lady."

Feather dress for cats to play with
Big coat to keep treats in
Large purse to possibly stash a cat in
Fish necklace to dangle in front of cats
Flats- to make a getaway in case people discover you're crazy
Sunglasses- to try and hide all that crazy
Hello Kitty cell phone
Meow Mix

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