17 September 2009

Story Time: I'm Dumb Again

I have been off my game lately. Last night, I burnt half my dinner and under-cooked the other half. I never do that. My evening was unraveling like a cheap sweater. I tried not to let it bug me, so I took a shower and put myself in temporary denile. Don't look at the dirty dishes. Don't think about burnt and/or raw food. Just take a shower and then see if things matter as much. It kind of worked, but when I came out the shower the apartment still smelled charred couscous. Gross.

The beginning of the week wasn't much better. I told a few of you this story already. I have a shirt I purchased about three months ago from Target. I saw it on the hanger and bought it without trying it on. It looked really cute, but it was an impulse buy. When I got home and tried it on, I couldn't get over how horrible it looked. The neckline, the sleeves, everything was wrong. Target never does that to me, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I showed it to Natalie one day, she didn't get it either. I planned to take it back, but part of me wanted to figure out how to make it work. Three months went by and I tried it on again. This time I noticed that that pockets were oddly placed. They were in the back. Huh. It was almost like the shirt was... wait for it... yep, I'd been trying the shirt on backwards for three months. You see, the buttons go down the back, not the front. What is wrong with me guys? I'm approaching twenty-five and my brain is reverting again. I'm in a stupid phase. Here's hoping next week is smarter.

On a smarter note, my landlord dropped off the lease for next year. I'm excited to sign it and can't believe I've been at my place for a year now. There's no existing clause in the lease for a tenant being evicted because they're stupid, so it looks like things are going to work out!

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